ETCSLglossingSignSign name: ŠU
Values: šu

The debate between Hoe and Plough (c.5.3.1), line c531.170
harvest (time)Enlil (DN)to sink
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Paragraph t531.p23 (line(s) 163-173) Click line no. for paragraph-aligned layout of transliteration and translation.
"What then does one person say to another? What does one tell another in detail?: "The shepherd adorns the plain with his ewes and lambs. After the heavens had been turned upside down, after bitter lament had been imposed on Sumer, after, as houses were overwhelmed by the rivers and Enlil frowned in anger upon the land, Enlil had flooded the harvest, after Enlil had acted mightily thus, Enlil did not abandon us -- the single-toothed Hoe was struck against the dry earth.""
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