ETCSLglossingSignSign name: SUR
Values: sur

The debate between Bird and Fish (c.5.3.5), line c535.96
(food) offeringto be bigE-kur (TN)lapis lazuliplatformto be majestic(food) offeringto be bigdeityheadto raiseto go
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"I am Fish. I am responsibly charged with providing abundance for the pure shrines. { To the great offerings at the lustrous E-kur } { (1 ms. has instead:) To the august platform of the great offerings of the gods }, I go proudly with head raised high! Just like Ezina I am here to satisfy the hunger of the Land. I am her helper. Therefore people pay attention to me, and they keep their eyes upon me. As at the harvest festival, they rejoice over me and take care of me. Bird, whatever great deeds you may have achieved, I will teach you their pretentiousness. I shall hand back to you in your turn your haughtiness and mendacious speech."
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