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The song of the hoe (c.5.5.4), line c554.18
Uzu-ea (ON)Uzu-mua (ON)hoeto erect
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Here, { in { 'Where Flesh Came Forth' } { (1 ms. has instead:) 'Where Flesh Grew' } (the name of a cosmic location), he set this very hoe (al) to work; } { (1 other ms. has instead:) in 'Where Flesh Grew' the unassailable (?), } he had it place the first model of mankind in the brick mould. His Land started to break through the soil towards Enlil. He looked with favour at his black-headed people. Now the Anuna gods stepped forward to him, and did (ĝal) obeisance to him. They calmed Enlil with a prayer, for they wanted to demand (al-dug) the black-headed people from him. Ninmena, the lady who had given birth to the ruler, who had given birth to the king, now set (alĝaĝa) human reproduction going.
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