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Ur III catalogue from Nibru (N1): composite text

1dub suj-ta
2den-ki unu2 gal im-ed3
4an-ji6 zu ama tu6 zu-ke4
5jic-gi bul-e
6AN KAC4 AN KAC4 me3-ke4
7mac-mac erim2 kur2-kur2
8jiri3-jen-na /den\-ki ki unu2 gal im-ed3-kam
9cag4 LAGABxU 1-kam
10dub saj-ta
11X X kaskal-la 7 me-ce3
13igi X 7-na in-kur9-re-en
14cul a2 he2-la2
15gu DI sig10-/ga?\ ca gal-kam
16jiri3-jen-na dli-li-a-kam
17cag4 LAGABxU 1-kam
18jiri3 IC lu2 inim zid-da ga KAxX ba
19jiri3-jen-na-bi lu2 nu-da-pad3
21iri bal-a ac2 di-da-kam

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