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Ninurta and the turtle: bibliography

Print sources used

Alster, Bendt, "Ninurta and the Turtle", Journal of Cuneiform Studies 24 (1971-72), 120-125: composite text, score/source transliteration, translation, commentary.

Bottéro, Jean and Kramer, Samuel Noah, Lorsque les dieux faisaient l'homme. Éditions Gallimard 1989, repr., 418-423: translation, commentary.

Kramer, Samuel Noah, "Ninurta's Pride and Punishment", Aula Orientalis 2 (1984), 231-237: translation, photograph(s), commentary.

Kramer, Samuel Noah and Maier, J., Myths of Enki, the Crafty God. New York/Oxford: Oxford University Press 1989, 84-86: translation, commentary.

Electronic sources used

Electronic text kindly supplied by J. Krecher (lit1.txt, based on electronic legacy material from H. Behrens).

Cuneiform sources

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