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Pabilsang's journey to Nibru: composite text


1am ur2-ra-am3 gun3-a e2-a-ni giri17-zal
2lugal-ju10 am ur2-ra-am3 gun3-a e2-[a-ni giri17-zal]
3dpa-bil2-saj am ur2-ra-am3 gun3-a e2-a-ni [giri17-zal]
4e2-a-ni e2 la-ra-ag giri17-zal-am3 e2-a-ni [giri17-zal]
5iri-ni iri a2 /mah\ he2-jal2-la e2-a-ni giri17-[zal]
6ur-saj-e e2-a-ni e2 la-ra-ag/ki?\ [X]
7en dpa-bil2-saj-je26 iri-ni iri a2 /mah\ [X (X)]
8ki u3-tud-da-ni ec3 /nibru\[ki] [...]
9ki ga zid gu7-a-ni e2 [...]
10ki ki sikil-ta ma X [X (X)]
11i3-si-inki-na e2 saj dili [X (X)]
12ki gud-e gu2-/da\ la2-a-ni gud cu ur2 jic [X]
13mir-gin7 ad2-ad2-ta zig3-ga-ni mir ni2-jal2-la-/am3\
14ur-bar-ra-gin7 cubtu(KASKAL.LAGABxU-over-LAGABxU)-ta zig3-ga-ni dum-dam-e ak-da
15pirij-gin7 eme!(KA)-sig-ta zig3-ga-ni a-a /dub2?\-be2-dam
16ud-ba ca3-tum2-ma nam-dun mu-un-ak-e
17en-e ca3-tum2-ma nam- dun mu-un-ak-e
18en dpa-bil2-saj-je26 ca3-tum2-ma nam- dun mu-un-ak-e
19ca3-tum2 ca3-tum2 i3-si-inki-na-ke4
20lugal-ju10 nam- dun mu-un-ak-e
21ud-ba lugal-ju10 nibruki-ce2 na-jen
22ur-saj dpa-bil2-saj ki den-lil2-la2-ce3 du-a-ni
23du-a-ni e2-bi i3-si-inki-na an-ta nam-mi-ib2-/gi4\
24ud-ba nin-ju10 i3-si-inki-na saj a ba-ni-in-/ed2\
25e2 dajal-la e2 i3-si-inki-na-ka siki-ni mi-ni-ib2-[X]
26siki lum-ma-bi nam-ma-an-[...]
27muc2-bi am3-sir2(BU)-re-sir2-re [...]
28/dpa-bil2-saj\-[ra] [cag4] /hul2\-le gu3 /mu-na\-[de2-e]
29sag9-ge X [...] /e2\ i3-si-in[ki-na]
30ur-saj dpa-bil2-saj [X] gi X [X] dnin-tu-re tud-[da]
31la-ra-agki-da e2-bi i3-si-in/ki\-[na] mu-un-ci-du-de3-/en\-[na]
32a-a-zu-ur2 dug4-ga-na-ab mu-ud-na-ju10 /de3\-[a]
33dmu-ul-lil2-ra tah-a-na-ab ma-a-da X [X X]
34igi du3-du3 igi du3-du3 za-e u3-mu-un-bi /de3\-[a]
35/e2\ i3-si-inki-na igi dili [X (X)]
36/d\pa-bil2-saj za-e u3-mu-un-bi de3-a me-e ga-/ca-an-bi de3\-[a]
small no. of lines missing


It is possible, but less likely, that Segment B belongs after Segment D
1[... -bi] /gu\-bi gu /he2\-[em]
2[...]-bi ce-bi ce he2-[em]
3[...] X-bi nij2-dug3 gu7 he2-/em\
4[i3-ne-ec2] [d]/utu\ ud ne-e-a ur5 he2-en-na-nam-ma-/am3\
5[id2-de3] [id2]/kir11\-sig-e kun-bi i3-sud-e
6[...] an-ce3 i3-sud-e
7[...] /zid\-da e2 im-ci-ja2-[ja2]
8[...] X lu2 zid-zid-da [X]
9[...] /amar\ zid-da-ke3 ensi2 X [...]
10[...] X saj e2 im-[ci-ja2-ja2]
11[...] X-bi /gu\-[bi gu ...]
12[...] X-bi /ce\-[bi ce ...]
13[...]-bi nij2-[dug3 gu7-bi ...]
small no. of lines missing


1dnin-/in\-[si-na] [...]
2id2-de3 /id2\[kir11-sig-e] [ ...]
3kun-bi i3-/si\[-inki][ ...]
4dumu-ni hul2-la-da dam /in\-[tuku ...]
5en dpa-bil2-saj-je26 hul2-la-da dnin-in-/si\-[na] [in-tuku ...]
6id2-de3 id2kir11-sig-e jical mu-na-X [...]
7kun-bi [i3]-si-inki-na e-ne-er mu-na-X [...]
8den-/lil2\-[le] id2-de3 im-ma-gub gu3 mu-na-[de2-e]
9id2-[de3] /id2\kir11-sig-e im-ma-gub nam-mi-X [...]
10/id2\ [...] kun-zu BIR an-ce3 a he2-na-[...]
11X [...] e2 he2-em-ci-ja2-[ja2 ...]
12[...] /lu2\ zid-zid-da [...]
13[...] /am?\ gal UN [...]
approx. 1 line missing


1[(X) X lul-la ka]-na cu /mu-un-na\-[tum3-tum3]
2[(X) X lul]-la ka-na a mu-un-na-/lu?\-[lu]
3[X lul]-la ka-na a im-mi-ib-ri
4[dpa]-/bil2\-saj gud ka-a-ni ba-ra-mu-/da\-[gu7]
5[...] [dpa-bil2]-saj e-ze2 ka-a-ni ba-ra-mu-da-/gu7\
6[...]-ra dugutul2 mud-a-ke4 cu nu-mu-da-sub?
7[X] X-na-ce3 ba-ra-da-du-de3-en
8[X] /u3\-li-li mu-un-il2-e-ne mu-ni-in-ja2-ja2-ne
9/u3\-mu-un dpa-bil2-saj mu-un-il2-e-ne mu-ni-in-ja2-ja2-ne
10uru2 nin9-a-na-ka am3-mi-in-gub-bu-ne
11e-ne-ra nin9-a-ni e2-ta mu-na-ra-ed2
12[...] X hub2 lul-la mu-un-si-ig
13[...] me-ri lul-la mu-un-si-ig
14[...] lul-la ka-na cu mu-un-na-tum3-tum3
15[...] NE lul-la ka-na a im-mi-ib-ri
16[...] X lul-la ka-na a im-mi-ib-ri
17[dpa]-/bil2\-saj gud ka-a-ni ba-ra-mu-da-gu7
18[...] [dpa-bil2]-/saj\ e-ze2 ka-a-ni ba-ra-mu-da-gu7
19[... -ra dugutul2 mud-a-ke4 cu] ba-ra-mu-da-/sub(KAxX)\
20[... ba-ra-da-du]-/de3\-en
unknown no. of lines missing

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