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The building of Ningirsu´s temple: bibliography

Print sources used

Edzard, D.O., Gudea and His Dynasty (The Royal Insciptions of Mesopotamia. Early Periods, 3, I). Toronto/Buffalo/London: University of Toronto Press 1997, 68-101: source transliteration, translation, commentaries.

Falkenstein, Adam, Grammatik der Sprache Gudeas von Lagas, I-II (Analecta Orientalia, 29-30). Roma: Pontificium Institutum Biblicum 1949-1950: commentary.

Falkenstein, Adam - von Soden, Wolfram, Sumerische und akkadische Hymnen und Gebete.Zürich/Stuttgart: Artemis 1953, 192-213: translation.

Jacobsen, Th., The Harps that Once ... Sumerian Poetry in Translation. New Haven/London: Yale University Press, 386-444: translation, commentaries.

Suter, C.E., "Gudeas vermeintliche Segnungen des Eninnu", Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 87 (1997), 1-10: partial source transliteration, partial translation, commentaries.

Thureau-Dangin, F., Les cylindres de Goudea (Textes cuneiformes, 8). Paris: Paul Geuthner 1925: hand-copy.

Witzel, M., Gudea. Inscriptiones: Statuae A-L. Cylindri A & B. Roma: Pontificio Isituto Biblico 1932, fol. 8-14,1: hand-copy.

Electronic sources used

Electronic text kindly supplied by J. Krecher (lit1.txt, based on electronic legacy material from H. Behrens; and lit2.txt, based on electronic legacy material from B. Jagersma).

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