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A tigi of Enlil for Ur-Namma: bibliography

Print sources used

Castellino, G. "Urnammu. Three Religious Texts (continued)", Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 53 (1959), 106-132. Pp 106-118: translation, commentary, score transliteration.

Cavigneaux, Antoine, "Notes Sumérologiques", Acta Sumerologica 9 (1987), 45-66. Pp 49-51: commentary.

Civil, Miguel, "On Some Texts Mentioning Ur-Namma, Orientalia 54 (1985), 27-45. Pp 27-37: commentary, handcopy, score transliteration.

Hurowitz, Victor (Avigdor), "Building stories in Sumerian and Old Babylonian Literature", in I Have Built You an Exalted House. Temple Building in the Bible in Light of Mesopotamian and Northwest Semitic Writings (JSOT Supplement Series, 115). Sheffield 1992, 32-67. Pp 57-59: commentary.

Klein, Jacob, "Building and dedication hymns in Sumerian literature", Acta Sumerologica 11 (1989), 27-67. Pp 44-62: composite text, translation, commentary, score transliteration.

Sjöberg, Åke, "Ein syllabisch geschriebener Ur-Nammu-Text", Orientalia Suecana 10 (1961), 3-12: composite text, translation, commentary.
ll. 51-70

Electronic sources used

Electronic text kindly supplied by J. Krecher (LIT1.TXT, 1996, and LIT3.TXT, 1996, based on electronic legacy material by B. Jagersma).

Cuneiform sources

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