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An adab to Enlil for Shulgi (Shulgi G): bibliography

Print sources used

Hallo, William W., "The Birth of Kings", in Marks, J.H. and Good, R.M. (ed.), Love and Death in the Ancient Near East: Essays in Honor of Marvin H. Pope Guilford: Four Quarters Publishing Company 1987, 45-52: commentary

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Klein, Jacob, "The Coronation and Consecration of Shulgi in the Ekur (Shulgi G)", in Cogan, M. and Eph'al, I. (eds.), Ah, Assyria, ... Studies in Assyrian History and Ancient Near Eastern Historiography Presented to Hayim Tadmor (Scripta Hierosolymitana, 33) The Magnes Press: Jerusalem 1991, 292-313: composite text, commentary, translation, full edition

Klein, Jacob, "Sumerian Canonical Compositions. B. Royal Focus. 2. Royal Hymns: The Birth of Shulgi in the Temple of Nippur (1.172)", in Hallo, William W. (ed.), The Context of Scripture, I: Canonical Compositions From The Biblical World Brill: Leiden/New York/Köln, 1997, 552-553: translation, commentary

Kramer, Samuel Noah, "CT XXXVI: Corrigenda and Addenda", Iraq 36 (1974), 93-102. Pp. 93-95: commentary, description of content

Electronic sources used

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Cuneiform sources

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