The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
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Inana and Lipit-Eshtar (Lipit-Eshtar H): bibliography

Print sources used

Sjöberg, Åke W., "Sumerian Texts and Fragments in the University of Pennsylvania Museum Related to Rulers of Isin", in Dietrich, Manfried and Loretz, Oswald (eds.), dubsar anta-men Studien zur Altorientalistik Festschrift für Willem H.Ph. Römer zur Vollendung seines 70. Lebensjahres mit Beiträgen von Freunden, Schülern und Kollegen (Alter Orient und Altes Testament, 253) Ugarit-Verlag: Münster, 1998, 345-378: 351, 360-361: score transliteration, photograph, commentary (no. 4)

Electronic sources used

Electronic legacy material kindly supplied by:

Cuneiform sources

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