The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
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A hymn of Inana for Ur-Ninurta (Ur-Ninurta A): bibliography

Print sources used

Falkenstein, A., "Sumerische religiöse Texte.", Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 49 (1950), 80-150. Pages 107-113, 122-137: score transliteration, translation, commentary

Römer, Willem H.Ph., and Hecker, Karl, and Kaiser, Otto, Lieder und Gebete, 1 (Texte Aus der Umwelt des Alten Testaments II, 5) Gütersloher Verlagshaus Gerd Mohn: Gütersloh, 1989, 653-659: translation, commentary ((by Römer))

Sjöberg, Åke W., "A blessing of King Urninurta", in Ellis, Maria de Jong (ed.), Essays on the Ancient Near East in Memory of Jacob Joel Finkelstein. Archon Books: Hamden, Connecticut, 1977: 189-195. composite text, translation, photograph, commentary

Electronic sources used

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Cuneiform sources

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