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The Sargon legend: composite text

Segment A

1ec3 ma2-/gur8-gin7\ [ ... ]
2gir4 mah-bi X [...]
3id2-bi a hul2-la da-[ri2...]
4a-gar3-bi jical-e ri-e-de3 /acag\ [...]
5e2 kicki-a iri lil2-la-gin7 mac-gan2 gi4-[gi4-de3]
6lugal-bi sipad ur-dza-ba4-/ba4\
7e2 kicki-a-ka dutu-gin7 am3-ed2
8nam-lugal-la-na bal-bi cu kur2-ru-de3 e2-gal-/la\ LAM-bi su3-ra2-X-[(X)]
9an den-lil2 inim kug-ga-ne-ne-a zid-de3-ec X [X X]
10ki ud-bi car-ru-um-ki-in iri-ni /iri\ [...]
11ad-da-ni la-i-bu-um ama-/ni\ [...]
12car-ru-um-ki-in cag4 dug3-ga mu-[...]
13mu im-ta-tu-ud-da-ac X [...]
unknown number of lines missing

Segment B

1ud ne ud-te-en-e um-ma-tej3-a-ta
2mcar-ru-um-ki-in sa2-dug4 e2-gal-ce3 im-de6-a-ba
3itima kug ki-tuc kug-ga-ni-a im-ma-da-an-nu2
4cag4-ga-ni-ce3 mu-un-zu eme-na nu-ja2-ja2 lu2-da nu-mu-un-da-ab-be2
5mcar-ru-um-ki-in sa2-dug4 e2-gal-ce3 cu ba-ab-tej3-a-ta
6MUC3.KA.UL mu-un-sig10-ga jicgu2-ne-saj-ja2 mu-un-dab5-be2
7kug dinana-ke4 da-bi-a muc3 nu-tum2-me
8ud 5-am3 ud 10-am3 ba-zal-la-ta
9lugal dur-dza-ba4-ba4 im-da-la2 ki-tuc-bi-ta mi-ni-ib-hu-luh
10pirij-gin7 cag4 pap-hal-la-na kac3 biz!-biz cag4-ba uc2 lugud si-a-ba
11i3-/kuc2\ ku6 a mun lu-ga-gin7 zi mu-un-di-ni-ib-ir-ir
12ud-ba MUC3.KA.UL e2-din dezina2-ka
13mcar-ru-um-ki-in u3-sa2-gin7 la-ba-nu2 ma-mu2-de3 ba-nu2
14kug dinana-ke4 ma-mu2 id2 mud-ce3 mu-un-gir5-gir5
15mcar-ru-um-ki-in dum-dam-ma-na zu2 ki-/ce3\ ba-da-ab-ra-/ah\
16dum-dum-bi lugal dur-dza-ba4-ba4 jic tuku-tuku-da-ni
17lugal-ra ki kug-ga-ni-ce3 im-ma-da-an-/sun5\-ne-ec
18mcar-ru-um-ki-in ki dur-dza-ba4-ba4-ce3 im-ma-da-an-sun5-ne
19MUC3.KA.UL! (ms: GA) ma-mu2 ji6-u3-[(na X)]-/na u3\-mu-ri-du8
20mcar-ru-um-ki-in lugal-a-ni im-ma-ni-ib-gi4-gi4
21lugal-ju10 ma-mu2-ju10 u3-mu-ri-dug4-ga
22lu2 ki-sikil 1-am3 an-gin7 sukud-da-ni ki-gin7 dajal-la-ni
23/suhuc?\ bad3-da-gin7 jar-jar-ra
24[id2] /mah id2 mud\-ce3 ja2-ra mu-un-gir5-re-de3-en
25[(X)] X [d]/ur\-[dza]-/ba4\-ba4 nundum KA bi2-in-/gu7\ ni2 cag4-/ce3\ ba-gid2
26[...] X NA /AN\ [X] sukkal-a-ni /gu3\ mu-na-de2-e
27[...] /nin9\ e-ju10 kug dinana-ke4
28[...] X X mud-ce3 u-ju10 mu-un-kur9-re
29[X] X mcar-ru-um-ki-in MUC3.KA.UL id2 mah mu-un-gir5-gir5
30mbe-li2-ic-ti-kal2 gal-simug lu2 cag4-ga de6-a-ju10 im sar-sar
31inim ga-ra-ab-dug4 /inim-ju10\ [he2]-dab5
32/na-ri-ga\-ju10 /jizzal he2-em-ci\-ak
33ne-ce3 MUC3.KA.UL zabar-cu-ja2 a-ra-X-ab-de6
34e2-[sikil]-/la\ e2 nam tar-ra-ka alan-gin7 /kuc3-kuc3-a\ sig10-bi2-ib
35mbe-li2-ic-ti-kal2 inim lugal-la-na-ce3 saj kec2 ba-ci-in-ak
36e2-sikil e2 nam tar-ra-ka kuc3-kuc3-a si mu-un-sa2
37lugal-e mcar-ru-um-ki-in gu3 mu-na-de2-e
38jen-na zabar-cu-ja2 gal-simug-ce3 tum2-mu-na-ni-ib
(inserted here from the edge:
38A mcar-ru-um-ki-in e2-gal dur-dza-ba4-ba4 im-ma-da-ra-ab-ed2)

39kug dinana-ke4 /zag zid-da\-ni muc3 nu-tum2-mu
40e2-sikil-la e2 nam tar-ra-ka 5 nindan 10 nindan nu-tej3-a-na
41kug dinana-ke4 igi mu-/un-na\-ninni2 jiri3-ni im-da-ru
42e2-sikil-la e2 kug-ga na-nam lu2 mud nu-mu-un-kur9-re
43ka2 e2 nam tar-ra-ka gal-/simug!\ lugal-la-/ke4 gaba\ mu-un-da-ri
44zabar-cu lugal-la-ke4 gal-simug-/ce3\ mu-un-de6-a-ta
45mbe-li2-ic-/ti\-kal2 gal-simug im-/da\-la2 alan-gin7 kuc2-kuc2-a ba!-da-ab-sig10-ga-bi
46mcar-ru-um-ki-in ud 5-am3 ud 10-am3 ba-zal-la-ta
47ki dur-dza-ba4-ba4 lugal-la-na-ce3 im-ma-da-an-ku4-ku4
48cag4 e2-gal kur gal-gin7 /ki us2\-sa im-/ma-da\-an-ku4-ku4
49lugal dur-dza-ba4-ba4 im-da-la2 ki-tuc-/bi\-ta mi-ni-ib-hu-luh
50cag4-ga-ni-ce3 mu-un-zu eme-na nu-ja2-ja2 lu2-da nu-mu-un-da-ab-be2
51itima-ka ki-tuc kug-ga-ni dur-dza-ba4-ba4 mi-ni-ib-hu-luh
52cag4-ga-ni-ce3 mu-un-zu eme-na nu-ja2-ja2 lu2-da nu-mu-un-da-ab-be2
53ud-bi-ta <inim> im-ma /gub-bu he2-jal2\ im /si-si-ge\ ba-ra-jal2-la-am3
54lugal dur-dza-ba4-ba4 mcar-ru-um-ki-in dijir-re-e-ne cu dug4-ga-ar
55im-ma gub-bu nij2 ni2 ba-ug7-a-ta
56unugki-ga lugal-zag-ge4-e-si cu ba-ni-ib-da13-da13
unknown number of lines missing

Segment C

1dam! lugal-zag-ge4-si-/da\ /im\-[...]
2nam-munus an-dul3-ce3 mu-ni-ba X [...]
3lugal-zag-ge4-si kij2-gi4-a nu-[...]
4ja2-nam-ma sig4! e2-an-na-ce3; jiri3 mu-un-/gub\
5lugal-zag-ge4-si cag4-ga-ni nu-un-/zu\ ugu kij2-gi4-a nu-mu-un-dug4-dug4
6en-na ugu kij2-gi4-a na-mu-un-dug4-dug4 igi dumu nun ba-an-da-bad
7en-e u8 bi2-in-dug4 sahar-ra ba-an-da-tuc
8lugal-zag-ge4-si kij2-gi4-a-ar im-ci-in-gi4
9kij2-gi4-a car-ru-ki-in gu2 nu-mu-un-/sig10-sig10\
10gam-gam-ma-ni car-ru-ki-in /lugal-zag\?-[ge4-si ...]
11car-ru-ki-in lugal-/zag\-[ge4-si ...]
12a-na-ac-am3 /car\-[ru-ki-in ...]

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