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Amar-Suena and Enki's Temple (Amar-Suena A): composite text


(The sequence of Segment A (UET 8 33 + U 5307) and Segments B-E (UET 8 32, UET 6/3 487) is far from certain; they may well belong to separate compositions. However, C follows B and E follows D.)

1dalad X [...]
2damar-d/suen\ [...] cag4 /mu-un\-X [...]
3lu2 urudha-zi-in-na e2!-e KU X [...]
4damar-dsuen-na ec3-e (ms: CUM2) abzu-a [...]
5kug-sig17 du3-a na4za-gin3 cu tag X [...]
6e2-e du3-u3-de3 cu-ni mu-un-[jar]
7damar-dsuen-na lugal-e e2-e du3-u3-[de3] cu-ni mu-un-[jar]
8lugal-/e? uj3\-e ba-da-an-bal kur-ra X [...]
9/e2-e\ mu 1-kam-ma ba-an-cub ki-bi-ce3 nu-/mu\-[un-gi4]
10damar-suen-na me nam-lugal-la-na X [...]
11mu 2-kam-ma /ba\-[an]-cub ki-bi-ce3 nu-mu-/un\-[gi4]
12damar-dsuen-na lu-bu-uc-tum nam-/lugal\-[la-ka]-ni tug2mu-sir2-ra ba-an-[X]
13mu 3-kam-ma ba-an-cub ki-bi-ce3 nu-mu-/un\-[gi4]
14damar-d/suen-na\ jic-kin2-kin2-na jickim-/bi\ [nu]-/bur2?\-ru
15mu 4-kam-/ma\ [ba-an]-cub ki-bi-ce3 nu-mu-un-gi4
16abgal-e dug4-ga /u3\-na-dug4 jic-hur e2-e pa ed2 nu-mu-un-ak-e
17mu 5-kam-ma ba-an-cub ki-bi-ce3 nu-mu-un-gi4
18ec3-e abzu-am3 kalag-ga-ce3 cu mu-ra-ra-e-ne
19mu 6-kam-ma ba-an-cub ki-bi-ce3 nu-mu-un-gi4
20jic-hur e2-e mu-un-kij2-kij2-e nu-mu-ni-in-pad3-de3
21mu 7-kam-ma ba-an-cub ki-bi-ce3 nu-mu-un-gi4
22den-ki-ke4 e2-bi-ce3 e2 nu-me-a ba-an-na-dug4
23mu 8-kam-ma e2 du3-u3-de3 cu-ni mu-un-jar
24mu 9-kam-ma-ta damar-d/suen\ lugal-e
25e2-udun-na /en?\ gal-an-zu ur5-ra-gin7 ba-du3
26ud-ba en-e e2 ni2-te-na-ka
27en gal den-ki ki-bi ba-da-an-hul?
28/X\-a-ni mu-un-DU.DU [(...)]
29kuc2?-a ki-a DU.DU gaba X [...] X X [...]
30a-a d/en\-[ki] eridugki? [... mu]-un-/dim2?\ [...]
31sukkal-a-ni [...] /gi? gi? gal?\ mu-[...] nu-kuc2? [...] X il2 [...]
32[...] X [...]
unknown no. of lines missing


(= UET 8 32 obverse)

1X /JIRI3 sud\-su3-ud X [...]
2saj-KEC2 /ki\ dajal-la [...]
3den-ki-ke4 igi il2-la-a-/ni\ [...]
4e2-bi um-ta-ed2-a /abzu?\-a [...]
5ud-ba nam-lu2-ulu3 cu nu-sag9-ga DI nam [...]
6jizzal sud-a inim jectug2 nu-/dug4?\ [...]
7/ba\-dun-dun umbin ru-gu2-ni nu-du8-e
8cag4-hul dim2-dim2 nij2-erim2 ak-ak sag9-ga
9/damar-dsuen-na\ e2 den-lil2-la2-ce3 du3-u3-de3
unknown no. of lines missing


(= UET 8 32 reverse)

1/en\ [...] X X [...]
2e2 den-ki-ka3-ce3 du3-u3-de3 mac2-e cu mu-un-gid2-da-a
3mac2-bi-ta e2 du3-a nu-mu-na-ab-be2 cu-ni /la?\-ba-ci-in-[jar]
4lugal-e mu-ni ud su3-ra2-ce3 ja2-ja2-[de3 ...]
5damar-dsuen mu-ni ud su3-/ra2\-[ce3 ja2-ja2-de3] /mu\-[...]
6X mu e2 den-ki-/ke4\ [...]
unknown no. of lines missing


(= UET 6/3 487 obverse; this fragment might belong to the same tablet as UET 8 32, in which case it would preserve the beginning and the end of the tablet)

1en nun gal-an-zu X [...] bi? X [...]
2X [...]
unknown no. of lines missing


(= UET 6/3 487 reverse)

1/lu2? URUD HA RI? X IN?\ [...] /cag4\ [...] ba X X [...]
2damar-d/suen\ /lugal\ <nam>-tar-/ra?\-ni cag4-bi [(...)] nu-mu-un-ba-ba

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