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An adab to Nanna for Ishme-Dagan (Ishme-Dagan M): composite text

Version A


1[...] /ZI\ im-mi-X-X
2[...] /na? dug4\-ga-/ni\ cu zid jar
3[...] X-na hi-li sud e2-kur-ra
4[...] /MI? dijir gal\-gal-e-ne en gal mah an-/na\ [...]
5[...] ki-/tuc?\ dijir na-me HUR [...]
6[...] mah en kur ki-gub-ba a-a d/nanna\ [...]
7[...] /iti\ ud-sakar gu-a gen6-ne2 mu ki-/bi?\-[ce3 ... -jar]
8[...] X uj3 /lu!\-a nam-til3 [...]
9[...] X kur-kur si sa2-sa2 [...]
10[id2idigna] id2buranun-bi a zal-le tum3 [...] /kur\-re
11[...] X ce gu-nu [...]
12[...] /ki?\ dajal-/e?\ u2-cim [...]
13[...] /mu?\ X /nu?\ [...]
14[...] en dic-me-dda-/gan\ [...]
15[X] X ki cu mu-a-da-jal2 za-da /hul2?\ [...] /en?\
16[X] X mah an-e den-lil2-le a-a d/nanna\ [saj]-/e\-ec rig7 X [X]
17[X X] /zalag\-ga ni2 u3-mu-ni-gid2 ud-de3 sa2 /i?\-X-dug4
18[...]-na cu gal du8-a-bi ki-a u3-mu-/ni\-ge-en
19[ud] nu2-a iti cu du7-a-zu uj3-e u3-X-pad3
20/en\ kur-ra di gal mu-ku5-re6-en ka-ac /mah mu\-bar-re-en
21den-ki dnin-ki en gal nun gal en nam [tar]-re-bi
22ed2-a ka-za-ke4 ca-ba-an-sug2-ge-ec a-a /ud-sakar\ u3?-tud? mu-ci-X-/ec\
23nun nij2-si-sa2 ka-ga14 i3-ni-jar nij2-du7 pa /bi2\-ed2
24cag4 ud mu-a-dug3 nam ki-bi-ce3 ud mu-a-tar me-/lem4-zu ud\ mi-X
25jic-he2 dajal-la jir2! ud mu-ni-bur2 /kukku2\ [(X)] mu-a-dadag
26ed2-zu-ce3 sizkur2 a-ra-zu-a da-nun-na X im-ma-sug2-sug2-ge-ec
27ud-sakar dalla ed2-a hi-li gur3-ru u6-di dug3-ga-zu-ce3
28nin gal ki-ur3-ra ama dnin-lil2 X-ra hul2-la mu-ni-ib-DU
29e2-ja2-gic-cu2-a ki-tuc! cag4 /hul2-la e2\-gal ni2 gur3-na
30nin zid mah ab2 zid mas-su2 a X [X X (X)] X a-ra-zu ca-ba-an-de6


32en dadag dic-me-dda-/gan\ [X X] X /a2 nun\ hu-mu-te-jal2

33jic-gi4-jal2 sa-[gid2-da-am3]

34en an-na men gal mah-bi /IM\ [...]
35[X] /dnin-lil2\ X [...]
unknown no. of lines missing


1cag3 /MU?\ [...]
2mu mah-a-ni AN [...] X X /lugal\ AN X X
3a-a-zu me-ta me ma-/ra\-[an-cum2] en dnu-nam-nir-e
4nam tar-re a-ra2 nam-den-/lil2\-[la2] [saj]-e-ec hu-mu-rig7
5saj mi-ri-ni-il2 en gal /den?-lil2?-le\ nun-ba mi-ni-in-kur9-re-en
6men aga zid barag mah kug-/ga dalla\ mu-ra-ni-in-ed2
7kur-kur ku6-gin7 zag dug4-ga-ba /saj\-/KEC2\-[bi] /ma\-ra-an-cum2
8written in two lines on the edge; it may belong here /su8?-ba?-gin7?\ X X [...] nun! kur-kur-ra-ke4 [...]
9an ki cu2-a-ba za-e na-an-na dijir /na\-[me X] /TI\
10suh10 kug an kug-/ga\ X-ra mac2-zu ud-gin7 X [...]-/e?\
11buru14 ezen gal hi-li si-a-ba kalam ci-/im\-ci-/hul2?\-X
12uj3 saj gig2-ga a-a-bi-gin7 igi-bi /cu\-mu-a-ci-jal2
13en gal ga-til3-le jic tuku-me-en ki /aj2!\ kalam-ma-me-en
14urim2ki ud5-saj gal ki-en-gi-ra /iri an\-da mu2-a
15ul-ul-la ec3 mac2-a du3-a e2-tur3 /cag4 hul2\-za
16ha-ra-ni-ib-AC a-ra2-e dic-me-dda-gan X ab2 kug-ga saj NE?
17ninda2 gud dug3 ha-ra-ni-ib-u5-e numun zid ha-/ra\-ab-i-i
18[i3] saj ga saj ga unu2 kug-za NI [(X) hu]-/mu\-pec-pec-e
19[X] X /mah\ gaba nu-/ca\ X /mac2\-za-ke4 [(X)] X-e
20[X X] /ki\ nin ki mah [X X] X X [X X] X
21[X X] X MA jic-/hur\ [... si ha-ra]-ab-sa2-/sa2?\-[e]
22[...] X BA? IM cim [...] ha-ra-ab-X [X]
23[X X X] kug-sig17 si-a-zu /nin\ [X X] [d]/nin\-gal
24[X X]-ba ud-gin7 dalla he2-ni-/in\-[ed2] /hu\-mu-a-til3-/en\
25[X X] gal-la /dic-me-dda-gan\ [X X] /hu\-mu-ra-ab-be2


27X X /dic\-me-d/da\-gan dumu den-lil2-[la2] [...] nu-kur2-ru-/da?\ he2-a

28[jic]-gi4-jal2 sa-jar-[ra-bi-im]

29/en?\ gal an kug-ta nam tar-re /gal\-[an]-/zu\
30[X X] en dadag an kug-ta nam tar-/re\ [gal]-/zu\
31[dic]-me-dda-/gan\ dumu den-lil2-la2 mas-su2 a-ba-ra /ki\-i gal he2-na-a-/aj2\

32[u18-ru1 2]-bi-im

33a-da-/ab\ dnanna lines 32 and 33 are written as one line in source

Version B


Due to the fragmentary state of the ms., UM 29-15-132, possible indentation cannot be taken into account here; line numbers refer to physical lines

This passage runs parallel to Segment A, lines 18-29, of Version A
unknown no. of lines missing
2ud nu2-[a...]
3uj3 [...]
4en kur-ra [...]
5ka-ac [...]
6den-ki d [nin-ki] [...]
7en [...]
8ed2-a [...]
9a-a X [...]
10nun /nij\-[...]
1 line missing
12/cag4?\ [...]
9 lines missing
23e2-/gal ni2\ gur3-(X)-na


Lines 12-24 of this passage run parallel to Segment B, lines 25-31, of Version A
2[...] X EZEN?
3[...] X
4[...] X X
5[...] X [X] GA?
6[...] X-gin7? KI? kug? X E
7[...] X X X X (X) X-na
8[...] HA X [(X X)] TU? X
9[...] GI den? X X E
10[...] X X X X
11[...] den? X RI
12[...] X X da?-gan?-na


15[...] den-lil2-la2?

17[jic-gi4-jal2 sa]-/jar?\-[ra]-/bi-im\

18[...] X /zu?\
4 lines missing

23[u18-ru1 2-bi]-/im?\

24[a-da-ab] [d]nanna-kam

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