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Excerpt from a praise poem of Rim-Sîn: composite text

1jicgu-za nam-til3-la suhuc!-bi an gen6-na-a
2mu nam-til3-la-ka mu-zu he2-em-mi-in-sa4 (ms: HU)
3igi sag9-ga-ni /he2\-mu-e-ci-bar!-re
4jic he2-ri-in-tuku
5ki za-za-da za IB2.IB2 (2 mss. have instead: IB2) KA-ba
6nam nam-til3-la nam-e-ec hu-mu-ri-in-tar
7dri-im-dsuen ki-aj2 an-na he2-me-/en\
8nam-lugal-zu du-ri2 he2-em
9sipad uj3 car2 an gal-e jar-/ra\-[ab]

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