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A prayer for Samsu-iluna (Samsu-iluna G): composite text

1den-<ki> da-sa-lim u3 ddumu eridugki-ga! e2-a dmarduk u3 da-sa-lu-ha
2dijir gal-gal-e-ne cu-du-um-mu-un-na-an-/ra2?\
3jicgu-za kug-sig17 nam-lugal saj il5-la i-na GU.ZA KUG.SIG17 ca ca-ar-ru-ti-i-ka ca re-ca-ca i-li-a
4cag4-bi! an!-na nam-ur-saj-ja2-ak-ka-ni mah-bi su-uc-a a-na i-di qar-ra-du-ti-ka ßi-ri-ic lu-u2 wa-ac-ba-a-ti sa-am-su-i-lu-na LUGAL ci-in-nu-u2
5lugal urim2ki-ma lugal larsaki-ma
6lugal ki-en6-ji6 ji6-u2-ri-ke4

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