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A shir-namshub to Nanna for Ur-Namma (Ur-Namma E): translation

approx. 6 lines missing

1-8Those who leave through your gate are an uncontrollable flood. Shrine Urim, your interior is a mountain of abundance, your exterior a hill of plenty. No one can learn the interior of the E-kic-nujal, the artfully fashioned mountain. Your place of marvel is ...... of cedar, your name makes the Land rejoice. Your lord is the one called as the beautiful lord, the child of Nin-sun, the ornament of all the lands. Urim, your great divine power is the gods's shackle on the Land. Your name be praised indeed!

9-12Your gate is the blue sky imbued with fearsomeness; only when it is open does Utu illuminate from the horizon. Your platform is where the fates are determined by the gods; you make just decisions. Your name be praised indeed!

13-19In your interior, the evildoer dares not lay hold of the holy statutes. E-kic-nujal, the evil-doer cannot even come to know your interior, which is a dragon. Your E-giguna ...... Enlil ...... your offerings . At your Dubla-mah, the place where the fates are determined, the great gods determine the fates. Worthy of the E-temen-ni-guru, born ......, your name be praised indeed!

20-24The beautiful lord ...... the true shepherd Ur-Namma, ...... Urim ....... The E-siga ...... like Utu. Your name be praised indeed! Ur-Namma ......, adorned with a lapis lazuli beard .......

25-34In his pure heart Acimbabbar has chosen Ur-Namma, the king endowed with allure, the radiance covering the nation. Wickedness cannot pass unnoticed before his eyes. Ur-Namma has accomplished an achievement, justice! The king, who knows (?) the spreading branches, Ur-Namma acts (?) as constable. The eloquent one of the lord, who knows (?) the spreading branches, Ur-Namma acts (?) as constable. The king, Ur-Namma, refreshes himself at the house of Suen.

35-40She has determined a fate for the king, for the Tigris and the Euphrates and for Ur-Namma. Its lady, the lady of possessions, the lady of ......, has determined a fate for Ur-Namma. The woman of the princely seed has treated him kindly. Ur-Namma .......

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