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A praise poem of Shulgi (Shulgi Y): translation

unknown no. of lines missing
1-62 lines fragmentary
To make my kingship longlasting, to make abundance conspicuous in my reign, Enki, the lord whose utterances cannot be altered, entered it proudly. He assigned Utu, whose words are pre-eminent, as a constable to me.

7-13Since Ninlil had given me her joyful blessing in the Land, and had caused me to be heard in the assembly, I, Culgi, the faithful shepherd of Sumer, praised her in the Ja-jic-cua, in her temple where lawsuits are decided justly, in her august temple befitting her ladyship, in her E-papah imbued with terrible awesomeness, a place admired by all the foreign countries, within .......

14-212 lines fragmentary
...... the Strong Copper (the name of a minor deity) ....... When at her command I killed in battle the evil people who ...... against me with weapons, I ...... all the great warriors slain by me. I placed my foot on their necks, and exalted my own person on their pedestals.

22-31I lined up my gold statues and lapis-lazuli statues in the main courtyard of her E-nijara. I filled it with treasures like those of holy Aratta. I despatched oxen and sheep to her great kitchens. I brought the abundant harvest into her imposing bakery. I ...... beer in her brewery, most suited to the bronze vessels. I despatched dark beer, kurun beer, and brown beer, all brewed in its house of the pure strength (a description referring to the brewery) , to her great dining hall for the evening meals.
1 line fragmentary
unknown no. of lines missing

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