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A praise poem of Ishme-Dagan (Ishme-Dagan AC): translation


1-5To befit heaven and earth grandly, they raised Enki, the lord, the firstborn son of holy An, to the status of junior Enlil. So that he can reveal everything (?), they bestowed sevenfold wisdom upon him as a gift. They have established eternally that he should give counsel, that he should decide great fates, that he ......, and that he should provide wisdom.

6-8The pure abzu, the house whose brickwork ......, whose façade settles the mind, ...... to place before him .......
1 line fragmentary
unknown number of lines missing


1-5They (Enlil and Ninlil) are powerful princes, lords who decides the fates; in your midst they have bestowed the divine powers on lord Ninurta. Nibru, your pure songs are most precious, surpassing all praise! I, Icme-Dagan, have made every mouth utter them forever.

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