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Praise of Lipit-Eshtar (Lipit-Eshtar B): translation

1-14Lipit-Ectar, proud king, enthroned prince, most seemly offshoot of kingship, who walks like Utu, brilliant light of the Land, lofty in nobility, riding on the great divine powers; who settles the people in the four quarters; favoured by Enlil, beloved by Ninlil, trustworthy youth with shining eyes, worthy of the throne-dais, whose seemly head is adorned with the tiara, the good headdress, who holds in his hand (1 ms. has instead: is perfect with) the sceptre over the black-headed, prince Lipit-Ectar, son of Enlil, wise shepherd, who leads the people to let them relax ...... in pleasant shade, lord, great bison, beloved by An! Your trust is put in mother Ninlil; Lipit-Ectar, you exert great power.

15-24You, who speak as sweet as honey, whose name suits the mouth, longed-for husband of Inana, to whom Enki gave broad wisdom as a gift! Nisaba, the woman radiant with joy, the true woman, the scribe, the lady who knows everything, guides your fingers on the clay: she makes them put beautiful wedges on the tablets and adorns them with a golden stylus. Nisaba generously bestowed upon you the measuring rod, the surveyor's gleaming line, the yardstick, and the tablets which confer wisdom.

25-39Lipit-Ectar, Enlil's son, you have realized justice and righteousness. Lord, your goodness covers everything as far as the horizon. King Lipit-Ectar, counsellor with huge intelligence, who never tires of discussion, wise one whose decisions guide the people, amply wise, knowing everything in great detail! To decide justly the lawsuits of foreign countries, you recognize true and false even in people's thoughts. Lipit-Ectar, you ...... the wicked, but you also know how to save someone by commuting his death sentence; you know how to free someone from the severe punishment, from the jaws of destruction. The mighty do not commit robbery and the strong do not abuse the weak anymore: you have established justice in Sumer and Akkad and made the Land feel content.

40-50Lipit-Ectar, king of Isin, king of Sumer and Akkad, you are the tablet writer of Nibru; Lipit-Ectar, you are the constant attendant of the E-kur, Enlil's house. You are the beloved one of Enlil's and Ninlil's hearts. Hero Ninurta is your mighty commissioner. Chief minister Nuska is your aid in all matters. You have been rightly chosen by Nintud as the purification priest of Kec. When in Urim, you are the youth who has the attention of Suen. You are the one to whom Enki gave the good headdress in Eridug. In Unug, Lipit-Ectar, you are the delight of holy Inana's heart. In Isin, Ninisina set up your lofty throne-dais.

51-56Among joyful songs of the heart, in an auspicious regnal year, the prince, the powerful prince surpassing in greatness and majesty, your father Icme-Dagan, king of the Land, made the foundations of his throne firm for you. On the orders of An and Enlil, he (1 ms. has instead: you) silenced the loud (?) strife of the foreign countries.

57-63Lipit-Ectar, Enlil's son, you have made every mouth speak of your righteousness. The tablets will forever speak your praise (1 ms. has instead: May your praise never disappear from the tablets) in the e-duba. May the scribes ...... and glorify you greatly! May eulogies of you never cease in the e-duba! Perfect shepherd, youthful son of Enlil, Lipit-Ectar, be praised!

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