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A shir-namgala to Ninisina for Lipit-Eshtar (Lipit-Eshtar E): translation

1-2He (probably Enlil) told her, Ninisina, the great daughter of An, the great daughter-in-law, ...... : "That Lipit-Ectar should be your provider -- so let it be!"

3 Cagbatuku.

4-13Ninisina (?) paid attention to Enlil's utterance. She answered with humility: "Father Enlil, god whose name is manifest, ......, Enlil; lord ......, your divine powers are the most ......, your instructions are the most precious (?). For the trustworthy shepherd ......, ...... lord Lipit-Ectar
2 lines unclear
He has settled the people ......, he (?) has made the Land feel content. You looked upon him with your life-giving gaze: now decree him a true fate!

143rd kirugu.

15"Nunamnir, bestow upon prince Lipit-Ectar a long life of many days!"

16Its jicgijal.

17-24The Great Mountain Enlil paid attention to the words spoken by Ninisina. He blessed the king and decreed his fate: "Lipit-Ectar, you whom I have called by name, shall be elevated among the people. May the living look to you as to their own fathers and mothers! May the strong one who cares for E-kur, the ensi of the august shrine, Uta-ulu, be your help on the battlefield! May he collect your enemies like small birds for you; may he spread them out like sheaves for you!

254th kirugu.

26-27Nunamnir, the lord whose order cannot be altered, has made the name of prince Lipit-Ectar exalted among the numerous people.

28Its jicgijal.

29-30"I, Enlil, am elevated in heaven, and am the lord of all the divine powers on earth. The good fate I have decreed to Lipit-Ectar is something which can never be changed!"

31A cir-namgala of Ninisina.

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