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An adab to Nanna for Gungunum (Gungunum A): translation


1-31 line missing
...... of the gods, ...... light! Attractive great ......, ...... radiance!

4 Barsud.

5-12...... in princeship. Ruler, leader of the Anuna deities, prince of the just decision, lord Acimbabbar, An and Enlil have made you perfect for the sky. Beloved of the king, making the good crown sparkle, coming forth on high, you come forth like bright sunlight, whether at noon or in the night. Youthful Suen, lord, ...... son of the Great Mountain and born of Ninlil, given a good destiny by his grandparents Enki and Ninki -- they have given ...... to him, the just lord of the sky.

13 Cagbatuku.

14-18......, you care for them! ......, beloved ......, on the great dais .......
2 lines fragmentary


1-9unknown no. of lines missing
1 line fragmentary
Gungunum ...... share. May ...... restore your city for you. The ......, the prince (?), the king ...... has no rival. May he bring back for you the scattered people of Sumer and Akkad. Making manifest ...... and everlasting things, may he lift his head high. May he prolong life and bounty for him (i.e. for the king) , may he create life for him. His golden emblem is truly outstanding and its form is praiseworthy. He has ...... you to continue the offerings to father Enlil -- may his days be prolonged for you.

10 Sa-jara.

11-13In your Urim, the ancient city, the princely land, the city of the great divine powers, in your E-kic-nu-jal which light does not enter, the house which never diminishes, may Gungunum whom you have chosen attain a life of many days.

14Its uru.

15An adab of Nanna.

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