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A praise poem of Sîn-iddinam (Sîn-iddinam A): translation

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1-4...... who worships ....... Sîn-iddinam ...... his departing boat. He provided flour, gold and grain, befitting the great lady. ...... all this choice (?) grain ...... the lapis lazuli E-kur.

5-10A He transported this cargo to the Quay of Life, the quay of Urim. Joyously he brought it into the majestic house, the house of Suen. Nanna was delighted with the king, and Ningal ...... to him. Nanna was delighted with Sîn-iddinam, and Ningal ...... to him. The Anuna, the great gods, blessed him. He had brought to complete perfection the plenitude, the pure first-fruit offerings, the first-fruit offerings of the new year. (1 ms. adds 1 line: He had transported this cargo to the Quay of Life, the quay of Urim.)

11-13Suen put in order the food offerings and, after he had taken them to Nibru, (1 ms. adds 1 line: and had brought them into the E-kur, the house of Enlil,) Enlil, delighted with the food offerings, fixed a good destiny. His own mother, the great lady Ninlil, expressed deserved affection.

13A-18 (1 ms. adds 1 line: Suen addressed Enlil and Ninlil.) He prayed to them to determine an eternal destiny for Sîn-iddinam: "May the life of the humble shepherd whom you favourably address ....... May the life of Sîn-iddinam whom you favourably address ....... As a just destiny, may a life into the distant future be determined for him (?) in destiny. May he be allotted long-lasting life.

19-25"As ...... this choice grain to the lapis lazuli E-kur for you, may he hasten (?) ...... thick bread ...... like this threshed (?) grain. Let us give him years of favour, days of life and months of success. In his palace you (?) will bring to him (?) in perfection what pleases the spirit and gladdens the heart. May you be the gift of life for Sîn-iddinam, who discourses (?) pleasingly! May the royal throne rise high and endure eternally! Forever make foreign lands submit to his great name!"

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