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A praise poem of Hammu-rabi (Hammu-rabi C): translation

1-7Enki has esteemed him truly in the shrine, the august place -- the king who loves purification rites and is well-suited to the pure divine powers, the king who is skilled in the precious plans, who is reverent, eloquent and deft (?), the shepherd, favourite of lord Nunamnir and beloved of mother Ninlil, who ...... great food offerings in E-kur, who delights (?) the great prince Enki, ......, who is cherished by holy Damgalnuna: the good shepherd Hammu-rabi.

8-14The king has ...... everything in the shrine E-kic-nujal. Hammu-rabi, whose ....... Daily he ...... Nanna and Ningal. The king whose joy is ...... has restored the purification rites, plans and divine powers ....... He will stand there before you ......, o youth Suen, fulfilling ...... all your requirements.

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