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A hymn to Enlil for Samsu-iluna (Samsu-iluna F): translation


1-8O king, foremost one of An, chosen in his holy heart, Samsu-iluna, king, foremost one of An, chosen in his holy heart, ...... rites ...... august, ......, joyful, supreme, assiduous, with head high on the gold-decorated throne of ...... kingship, who sits majestically ...... in its midst in heroic strength, Samsu-iluna: An, the mighty king of heaven, the august judge, has assigned you a great destiny, and has made you to pass your life with a secure crown.

9-17He is the man to whom Enlil has given ...... and the shepherdship over the widespread people, the beloved (?) shepherd of Nibru, the constant servant of E-kur; he is the trustworthy farmer of the house of Asalim, who takes care that provisions do not cease in E-saj-ila. For you to exercise your divine powers of shepherdship in the Land, Enlil has placed the foreign lands at your feet. Obedient to Utu, beloved (?) of Inana, Samsu-iluna, the king whose fate is never altered by Enlil, my king, at the command uttered by Enlil, Enki and Asalim, Zababa, Lugal-gu-dua, the king who builds temples, ...... the rebel lands ......
unknown no. of lines missing


1-9Ickur, the net of the foreign lands ...... made the foreign countries praise him duly, and made the mighty ...... manifest. Samsu-iluna, the good hero, lordly one of his Land, has wisely co-ordinated decisions for the Land. From the banks of the Tigris and the banks of the Euphrates, to the shores of the sea ...... and the banks of its rivers, men ...... Samsu-iluna. In E-kur, the house of Enlil, ...... he has taken his seat on his dais of joy. Enlil, it is sweet to praise you. Enlil, give my king a brilliant destiny and years of life! Grant him as a gift a life of long days!

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