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Letter from Aradngu to Shulgi about attentive citizens: composite text


1lugal-ju10-ra u3-na-a-dug4
2[marad]-/ju10\ arad2-zu na-ab-be2-a
3[lugal]-ju10 ma-da dajal-la nij2 /nam-ra\-ac mu-ra-an-cum2-ma-a
4/gu3\ tec2-a sig10-ge5 dim2-ma-bi ac-am3
5/uj3\ u2-gin7 lu-lu dcul-gi-ra sipad /inim? gen6\-na-bi
6/nam\-lu2-ulu3 sig igi-nim-ma dijir-bi za-e-/me-en\
7/igi\-bi ma-ra-ci-jal2
8/uj3\ dajal-la u2-gin7 lu-lu a mah id2idigna id2buranun-na-ta
9[...] X id2idigna-/ce3\ lugal-ju10 silim-ma(-)ab-dug4-ga
10[...] X ib2-zi-zi
11[...] ba?-da?-an-jar
12[...] X-ak-en
14[...] X u3-bi2-si
15[...] X
unknown no. of lines missing


1[...] X
3[...] X-me-en
4[...] X X X
5[...] /dumu\ ma-da gu-/tu\-u2-umki
6[...]/ki\ /ma\-ri2ki u3 ra-pi2-qumki
7[lu2] /jic\ TUKU.TUKU-ne igi-ja2 i3-jal2
8nij2 lugal-ju10 ab-be2-na ga-ab-ak

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