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Letter from Aradngu to Shulgi about Aba-indasa's missing troops: composite text

1lugal-ju10-ra u3-na-dug4
2arad2-ju10 arad2-zu na-ab-be2-a
3ma-ba-in-da-sa2-a ugula erin2 KA.KEC2 lugal nij2 X mu-da-an-gi4
4lugal-ju10 bar inim-ma ha-ba-zu-zu-de3
5ud zi-mu-dar-ra-ce3! igi-ju10 bi2-ib-jar-ra
6kaskal lugal-ju10 erin2 zig3-ga-ju10
7ma-ba-in-da-sa2-a erin2-bi igi u3-bi2-in-kar2
82 li-mu-um erin2-bi nu-jal2
9/saj?-ja2?\ nu-un-DU igi? nu-un-GI
10ha-ra-kalag lugal-ju10 mu-un-X [...] mu-un-dab5
11[...] X-bi cer7-da lugal [...] nu-AC
12[...]-ba cu [...]
13[...]-/ka\-ni X [...]-jar
14nij2 lugal-ju10 ab-be2-na-ju10
15lugal-ju10 he2-en-zu

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