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Letter from Ibbi-Suen to Puzur-Shulgi hoping for Ishbi-Erra's downfall: composite text

Version A

1puzur4-dcul-gi (2 mss. have instead: puzur4-dnu-muc-da) ensi2 ka-zal-luki
3di-bi2-dsuen lugal-zu /na\-ab-be2-a
4[(X)] X erin2-ta mu-ra-suh-a-gin7-nam ensi2 ka-zal-luki-ce3 mu-ra-jal2
5je26-e-gin7-nam erin2-zu (1 ms. has instead: uj3-zu) dugud-da-zu in-nu-u3
6a-na-ac-am3 [X]-gin7 lu2 mu-e-ci-in-gi4
8ugu-ju10-ce3 igi-ni im-ma-ci-in-jar
9u3 je26-e u3-mu-un-cub ga-am3-jen
10en-na ic-bi-der3-ra kur-/re\ bi2-in-gi4-a a-gin7 nu-e-zu
11za-e /gir-bu\-bu ensi2 JIRI2-kalki-ke4
12a-na-ac-/am3\ erin2 cu-zu-ce3 /i3\-jal2-la igi-ni-ce3 la-ba-an-sug2-ge-za-na
13X /ki?\-bi gi4-gi4-da
14a-gin7 mi-ni-ib-cum2-za-na
15/ud?-da?\ den-/lil2\-le ki-en-gi hul mu-/un\-gi4
16ugu2ugu4-bi kur-bi-ta ed3-de3 (2 mss. have instead: ed2-de3)
17nam-sipad kalam-ma-ce3 /mu\-[X]-il2
18i3-ne-ec2 den-lil2-le lu2-tum9 sa10-sa10 (1 ms. has instead: sag9-sag9) nu-luh-hasar (1 ms. has instead: a-da-lam den-lil2-la2 nu-luh-hasar sa10-sa10-de3 lu2-tum9 nijin2 [...])
19mic-bi-er3-ra numun ki-en-gi-ra nu-me-a nam-lugal-la mu-na-an-cum2
20ga-nam pu-uh2-rum ki dijir-re-e-ne ki-en-gi sag2 ba-ab-dug4
21a-a den-lil2 dug4-ga-dug4-ga-ni dib-be2-da-ac
22en-na urim5ki-ma lu2 NE.RU-ca mu-un-ri-a
23ic-bi-der3-ra lu2 ma2-ri2ki-ke4 suhuc-bi ba-bur12-re
24ki-en-gi he2-aj2-e ur5-gin7-nam bi2-in-dug4
25u3 tukum-bi ensi2 URUxA didli i3-jar-jar-re-en-ze2-en
26inim den-lil2-la2-ta ic-bi-er3-ra i3-bal-e-ec-a
27lu2 tab-zu-gin7 iri erim2-ra ba-cum2-mu-na-ta
28u3 za-e arad gen6-na ce-ni-gin7 ic-bi-er3-ra nu-mu-un-zu-a (1 ms. has instead: /ic-bi\-er3-ra mu-un-zu)
29i3-ne-ec2 inim dug3-ga gi4-gi4-de3
30lul tuh-tuh-u3-da he2-ni-ib-tum2-tum2-mu
31uj3-ba buru14-ba he2-ak-e-de3
32za-e na-an-gur-ru (1 ms. has instead: na-an-gur10-un) ugu-ju10-ce3 nam-ma-ci-du-un
33cu-ni iriki-a nam-bi2-ib-sa2-sa2
34lu2 ma2-ri2ki-ke4 jalga ur-re nam-en na-an-na-ak-e
35i3-ne-ec2 mar-tu kur-bi-ta den-lil2 a2-tah-ju10 im-ma-zig3 (1 ms. has instead: [i3]-ne!-ec2 ti-da-nu-um [...] den-lil2 kur-bi-ta a2-[...])
36elamki ki zag mu-un-tag-ge u3 dic-bi-er3-ra mu-un-dab5-be2
37kalam ki-bi gi4-gi4-de3 nam-kalag-ga kur-kur-ra he2-zu-zu
38a-ma-ru-kam za-e nam-ba-ce-be2-en (1 ms. has instead: nam-ba-e-ce-ba-e-de3-en-ze2-en)

Version B

unknown no. of lines missing
1 line missing
3[...] X [...] X X /DU?\
4[...] X e NE [...] ba-e-sug2-ge-de3?-ec
5[...] X kur cu /bi2-gi4\-a a-gin7 nu-e-zu!
6[...] X JIRI2-kalki-a-ke4
7[...] in-jal2-le-ec igi-ni?-ce3? la-ba-an-sug2-/de3?\-ec
8[...] X-da a-gin7 mi-ni-ib2-cum2-mu-za-na
9[...]-/gi\ hul ba-an-gig
11nam-sipad kalam-ma <mu>-un?-il2-la
12[...] nu-ha-rasar
13[...]-me-a nam-lugal-la mu-na-cum2
14[...]-/gi? sag2\ u3-bi2-in-/dug4\
3 lines missing
18[...] X [...]-/re\
19[...] /bi2-in-dug4?\
20[...] X X X X-e-NE
21[...] X-/er3-ra\ i3-bal-e
22[...] X [...] /erim2-ce3?\ ba-ra-an-cum2-ma-ta
23[...] X [...]-/er3\-ra ni2-bi mu-un-zu-a
27[...] X-ur2 A.KAL ba-ni-bal-e
28[...] X-gi4-gi4
29[...] KA CU jal2-la-ja2
30[...] jectug2-ga mu-de5
31[...] X X X silim-ma im-ma-an-jar
32[...] X da? X X BU ba-da?!-dirig u3-mu-ni-ak
33[...]-/be2\-e cu-ja2 ba-ni-in-dab5-be2 KA JIC BI RA RA
34[...] BI ke4 UD CU ed2-de3 BA KI ba-nu2-de3
35[...] X
unknown no. of lines missing

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