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Letter from Lipit-Eshtar to Nanna-kiang about driving away the enemy : composite text

1mdnanna-ki-aj2 ra-bi si2-ka3-tum-ma
3mli-pi2-it-ec4-tar2 lugal-zu na-ab-be2-a
4mu erin2 lu2 kur2-ra-ke4 (1 ms. has instead: lu2 kur2-ra-ke4) lugal u3-na-dug4 cu mu-e-taka4 (1 ms. has instead: u3-ne-dug4 (ms: ZU) cu bi2-taka4)
5mat-ta2-ma-nu-um lu2 (1 ms. has instead: arad) lugal-a-ni-ir bi2-in-sag9-ge
6dirig-zu-ce3 arad lugal-a-ni-ir (1 ms. has instead: lu2) na-X
7a-na-ac-am3 je26-e X nu-zu-ju10-ta za-e cu-jar lugal-zu li-bi2-in-gi4 (1 ms. has instead: erin2 cu cag4-ce3 i3-jal2-a-/ja2?\ nam-lu2-ulu3-ba li-bi2-jar)
(1 ms. adds 1 line: 7Ane-ec2 erin2 mu-un-ja2-ja2-e)
8a2-ce2 2 (1 ms. has instead: 4) (1 other ms. has instead: 3) li-mu-um erin2 lu2 jiccukur (1 ms. has instead: lu2 jiccukur GIJ4)
92 (1 ms. has instead: 4) li-mu-um erin2 lu2 jicpan (1 ms. has instead: lu2 jicpan GIJ4)
102 (1 ms. has instead: 1) li-mu-um erin2 lu2 cen tab-ba (1 ms. has instead: lu2 cen tab-ba GIJ4) im-mu-e-ci-sar (1 ms. has instead: /im\-ma-sar-ec)
11lu2 kur2 IRI.GIBIL-a al-dur2-ru-ne-ec
12ki-tuc-bi-ta sar-bi2-ib
13X X cu? i3-jar-re-ne nam-bi2-X [...]
14iri didli zag-/ba?\ zag?-za en-nu-uj3-bi /ak?\-X-ab
15iri-bi cu-zu-ta la-ba-ra-ed2
16nam-lu2-ulu3-zu jar-bi2-ib

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