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Letter from Lipit-Eshtar to Nanna-kiang about driving away the enemy: translation

1-3Say to Nanna-kiaj, the general: this is what Lipit-Ectar, your lord, says:

4-7Because of enemy troops (1 ms. has instead: the enemy), I, the king, have sent you a letter (1 ms. has instead: I have sent a letter). Atta-mannum, who pleases his lord, is (?) a better servant to his lord (1 ms. has instead: man) than you! Why is it that you have not been avenging your lord, and not keeping me informed (1 ms. has instead: while I (?) have kept the soldiers loyal (?), you have not stationed them among those people)? (1 ms. adds: So now you are to station the troops there.)

8-10Now, I have sent to you in haste (1 ms. has instead: they have pursued (?)) 2000 (1 ms. has instead: 4000) (1 other ms. has instead: 3000) soldiers who are spear-throwers (1 ms. has instead: who are ...... spear-throwers), 2000 (1 ms. has instead: 4000) soldiers who are archers (1 ms. has instead: who are ...... archers), and 2000 (1 ms. has instead: 1000) soldiers who are double-axe wielders (1 ms. has instead: who are ...... double-axe wielders) .

11-17The enemy has camped down in Iri-gibil. Chase them away from those settlements; do not ....... Guard (?) each city ....... Do not let these cities out of your grasp. Station your people -- it is urgent!

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