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Letter from Aradngu to Shulgi about Apillasha: translation

1-2Say to my lord: this is what Aradju, your servant, says:

3-8You instructed me, as I was taking the direct route to Subir, to secure your provincial taxes, to inform myself precisely as to the state of the territory, and to ensure its obedience by taking counsel with (?) Apillaca, the 'Sage of the Assembly', so that he could thus return the people of Subir to their customary way of speaking (?).

9-11But when I arrived at the palace gate, no one enquired after the well-being of my lord. No one rose from their seat before me, or bowed down. (1 ms. adds: They intimidated me. )

12-18When I came nearer (1 ms. has instead: ...... carries ......) -- well, your wayside hostel where carding-combs (?) and lances inlaid with gold, silver, cornelian and lapis lazuli have been set up, covers an area of one hectare! Apillaca himself is decked out in gold and lapis lazuli (1 ms. has instead: lapis lazuli, gold, silver and cornelian), and he sits on a raised throne furnished with a rich raiment. His feet rest upon a golden footstool. He would not remove his feet in my presence!

19-21To his right and left he had ...... soldiers (?) stationed, five thousand at each side. He placed at their disposal six fattened oxen and 60 (1 ms. has instead: 20) fattened sheep (1 ms. has instead: rams) for a meal. He assumed the right to perform my lord's lustration rites.

22-25After a close interrogation at the gate, nobody even bade me enter. When I finally entered, someone brought me a throne with studs plated with red gold and told me: "Sit down!" I replied: "I am here to present the instructions of my king. Therefore I will not sit down!""

26-28They brought (?) me two fattened oxen (1 ms. has instead: one fattened ox) and 20 (the same ms. has instead: 6) fattened sheep to my table. Then because, without ......, my lord's soldiers overturned my table, I became frightened and my flesh crept.

29-34In the month Ezen-Ninazu, after the 15th day (1 ms. has instead: 5 days had passed), my lord gave me his instructions. By the first day (2 mss. have instead: after one day had passed) of the month U-bigu, I sent to you (1 ms. has instead: I sent to my lord ......) a messenger. Now it is midday (1 ms. has instead: mid-month) (1 other ms. has instead: the day did not ......), ...... approached. May my lord know!

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