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Letter from Ur-dun to Shulgi about the purchase of cedar resin: translation

1-2Say to my lord: this is what the merchant Ur-dun, your servant, says:

3-9My lord gave me silver and sent me to a distant land in order to purchase cedar resin. After I had entered the land and had purchased cedar resin, Apillaca, the 'Sage of the Assembly', sent men to me and they took away my goods.

10-16When I arrived at his palace gate, no one enquired about my business. Aradju, your servant, and Babati, the ...... official, had gone from Zimudar to Simurrum and had learnt ...... and their messengers .......

17-18...... of my lord ....... Being in a weak (?) position, I was not able to ...... their illegal seizure.

19-20He has given you a report, lord. Whatever you say, my lord!

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