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Nanshe and the birds (Nanshe C): bibliography

Print sources used

Civil, Miguel, "The Tigidlu Bird and a Musical Instrument", NABU (1987), No. 48: commentary

Civil, Miguel, "Studies on Early Dynastic Lexicography. I", Oriens Antiquus 21 (1982), 1-26: 17-22: commentary (ED Bird list 130-40: syllabic version )

Heimpel, Wolfgang, "Nanshe. A. Philologisch", Reallexikon der Assyriologie 9 (1998), 152-160 BIBLSCOPE: commentary

Steinkeller, Piotr, "Nanshe and the Birds. Paper for the Jacobsen Symposium. London, April 6, 1994" (Text of conference paper): 3-4: commentary, translation (includes translation of ll. 1-22)

Thomsen, Marie-Louise, "'The home of the fish': a new interpretation", Journal of Cuneiform Studies 27 (1975), 197-200: 200: commentary

Electronic sources used

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Cuneiform sources

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