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The Kesh temple hymn: bibliography

Print sources used

Biggs, Robert D., "An Archaic Sumerian version of the Kesh Temple Hymn from Tell Abu Salabikh", Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 61 (1971), 193-207: commentary, translation, score transliteration

Geller, M.J., "Jacobsen's "Harps" and the Kesh Temple Hymn", Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 86 (1996), 68-79: score transliteration, photograph, handcopy, commentary (BM 115798)

Gragg, Gene B., "The Kesh Temple Hymn", in Sjöberg, Åke W., Bergmann, E., and Gragg, Gene B. (eds.), The Collection of the Sumerian Temple Hymns (Texts from Cuneiform Sources, 3) J.J. Augustin: Locust Valley, New York, 1969, 155-189: composite text, score transliteration, translation, handcopy, commentary

Jacobsen, Thorkild, The Harps that Once.... Sumerian Poetry in Translation. Yale University Press: New Haven/London, 1987, 377-385: translation, commentary

Wilcke, Claus, "Die Inschrfitenfunde der 7. und 8. Kampagnen (1983 und 1984)", in Hrouda, Barthel (ed.), Isin-Ishan Bahriyat III: Die Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen 1983-1984 (Philosophisch-historische Klasse, Abhandlungen, Neue Folge, 84), Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften: München, 1987, 85-89: score transliteration, commentary (IB 1511 (Sammeltafel))

Electronic sources used

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Cuneiform sources

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