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A hymn to Bau's Beneficent Protective Goddess (Bau A): composite text


(These four segments possibly belong to the same composition, in which their sequence is uncertain (segment A = CBS 10986, B followed by C = U 16868, and D = Ni 4369))

unknown no. of lines missing
1 [...] X [...] [...]
2 [...] X [...] [...]
3 [...] X X [...] X [...] [...]
4[dlama] sag9-ga dba-u2 mi2-bi X X /ga\-mu-u8-de3-/en\

5X X X X zu? a kar-ra X [...] [...] i-qa2-ab-/bu\-[u2 ...]
6X X X X ib2-be2-a a kar-ra X [...] [...] i-qa2-ab-/bu\-u2 X [...]
7X X DU jickim til3 BI? saj cu? X [...] [...] a-la?-ki-cu ta-ki-/il\-[...]
8X X NI ki? cu nu-la2-e-da usu i3-X [...] [X X] X X [X] X u2-ul i-ca-X X [...]
9X NE? nij2-tuk-u3 /nu\-[X]-X-du cu nu-la2-e-[da] a-na ca-/ri\-im u2-/ul\ il-la-ak> X [...]
10X la2 X nu-X X [X] X-da dug3-ga DI X X u2-/ul\ [X X] KI-it-ti X ca nu X [...]
11ma2-gur8 dsuen /su3-su3\ [nin] a-na-zu nu-zil2-zil2-i [e]-le-pu [X X]-tum ca i-ca-ad-de3-hu /NIN mi\-[in-ki la X]
12an-ti-bal ul gur3-ru [d]lama a-na-zu nu-sag9 [X] X X [X ul]-ßa na-ci-a- at d.LAMA /mi\-[in-ki la X]
13 [dlama] sag9-ga dba-u2 mi2-/bi\ <X X ga-mu-u8-de3-en> [d.LAMA da-mi-iq]-/tum\ ca [te-ek-ni-tum]

14 [...] jic-ta du-a-ni [...]-ci a-/la\-[ki-ca]
15 [...] X X X [...] [...] X X X [...]
16 [...] [...] X X X X X
17 [...] [...] X i-na i-di-cu ca-ki-[in]
18 [...] [... ta-ad]-di-ni-cum-ma
19 [...] [...] ta-na-ad-di
20 [...] la-ba-ninni2 /in?\ [...]-pa-at-su2 X X ba?-nu u2-ul i-ik-lu5-cu
21 [...] X TUM? mu?-un-da-ab-dub /ik?\-[X X (X)] X-ak-nu-cum-ma a-na ca-a-ci-im i-ik-mi-i-is-si2-X
22 [...] ud cu2-uc jiri3-X i3-im-X ba? ak X cu? car-ru u4-mi-ca a-na ce-pi-ca ca-pi-ik
23 [...] X dug3-zu nin-ju10 im-mi-in-ci-X i-na i-mi-it-ti-cu? X X-ki ±a-ba-am be-el-ti i-ZA-[...]
24 [X X (X)] /giri17\-zal su3 nin a-na-zu nu-zil2-zil2-i bi-it ni-gu-tim ca ta-ci-il-tam ma-lu-u2 NIN mi-in-ki /la\ [X]
25 [X X] X mah kalam-ma dlama a-na-zu nu-sag9 u4-um ri-ca-tim ßi2-rum ca ma-ti d.LAMA mi-in-ki la [X]
26dlama sag9-ga dba-u2 mi2-bi <X X ga-mu-u8-de3-en> d.LAMA da-mi-iq-tum ca dba-u2 te-ek-/ni\-[tum]
27munus zid nin cu tab-ba til3 mu2-da-ni i3-dug4-ga MUNUS ZID ru-ba-tum ka-mi-is-tum ca ba-la-as-sa3 /iq\-[...]
28ud me-da DU.DU inim bal-bal-e-da-ni i-na ma-ti-ma i-na a-tal2-lu-ki i-na at-/wi\-[i-ca]
29a2-gu2-zig3-ta zur-zur-re-ec2 zag-ga-na cub-bu-dam i-na ki-ma ce-er-tim i-na ku-te-en-ni-i zu-X X a-/na\ [X X]
30mu-zu gug2 i3 ga-gin7 ka-ge mu-na-ab-si-a cum-ki ki-ma ku-uk-ki cam-ni u3 lil2-di pi-a-am ma-[X-X]
31nij2 sila-ta de6-a-na kac sur-ra-na saj-bi mi-im-ma ca ic-tu su2-qi2-im i-na ba-ba-li-ca rex(SIPAD)-ec-ti [X X]
32pu2-kiri6-na nij2 saj-bi ha-ma-na-DU im-me-e-a ca re-e-ec GIC.SAR-ca lu-hir-ci-im i-qa2-ab-/bi\
33a2 ud-da ec3 jir2-su2ki igi mu-ri-ib-du8-am3 u4-mi-ca i-na bi-tim gir-ci-im i-na-a±-±a-[al]
34ud cu2-uc-e zalag-ga-ni igi-zu-ce3 mu-ni-ib-dib-dib-a u4-mi-ca /nam\-ri-ic i-na mah-ri-ki i-[ta-al-la-ak]
35d/lama\ X lu2-ulu3-ba dam a-a-ce3 mu-na-e-cum2 d.LAMA a-na a-wi-il-tim ca-a-ti mu-tam ki-ma [a-bi ta-ad-di-ni-cim-ma]
36 [dam a-a-ce3 mu-na]-e-cum2 dumu a-cag4 cukur2-ce3 mu-na-e-cum2 mu-tam ki-ma a-bi ta-ad-di-ni-cim-ma [...]
37 [...] X inim in-de2 lu2 i3-DU bi-X-sa3 u2-X-ma mi-im-ma X X [...]
38 [...] X cum2 X X X nij2-su-ub ak-a SAL X [...]
unknown no. of lines missing


1munus zid dutu kalam-ma dijir-ja2 me-tec2 ga-i-i
2sukkal mah ama dba-u2 zi lugal-la u3-tud
3ra-gaba kug an-cag4-ta dub nam-til3-la an-ed3 (ms: ITI.DU) -de3
4cej7 an-ta jiri3-a DU he2-jal2 pa! ed2 (ms: DUL.DU)
5saj-cum2mu-X-hi-ic-tum me-te dba-u2 itima kug-ga he2-du7-bi-im
6dlama lu2 sizkur-ra dba-u2 ur2-saj HI za KA?
7nam-lu2-u18-lu ki aj2 nij2-ba-bi hul2-le-za
8dlama sag9-ga dba-u2 mi2-bi su3-ud-ce3 ga-mu-e-i-i-de3-en
9X saj sig7 hi-li gur3-ru KICI4?.KICI4? na4za-gin3-a
10[...] sig7-ga umuc jar cita-e gun3-gun3gu2-a?
11[...] DU X X ma ru X IGI X DI? IB
12[...] lugal-ce3! he2-em-ci-ni-jal2
13[...] X gub?-bu-zu lal3 X [...]
unknown no. of lines missing


1[...] X X DAG? X RU X [...]
2[...] X gen6-na UD UD MA KA
3[...]-ra munus zid dlama-ju10
4[dlama sag9-ga dba-u2] /mi2\-bi su3-ud-ce3 ga-mu-e-i-i-de3-en
5[...] HA? um? ma? CE3 la2-a i-im-me za UD DU ur4 ak
6nir-jal2 ki-aj2 dba-u2 nin X saj ga zid-da-ke4
7ha!-ra-ni-ib-X he2?-em?-su3?-ra nin ba al GIN7 DU.DU-da
8en dig-alim-ma-ke4 jidru-bi hu-mu-jal2 me-tec2-bi
9munus zid dlama-ju10 nin nam gu3 de2-a-za
10dlama sag9-ga dba-u2 mi2-bi su3-ud-ce3 ga-mu-e-i-i-de3-en
11nin gu7 naj KA NI? X X nam-he2-a KA KEC2 i
12ki-tuc he2-jal2 abzu-ta DIN-bi-a gu3 nun di


unknown no. of lines missing
1dlama-ju10 /nin\ [...]
2munus zid giri17-zal il2-il2-i cud3 inim-ma [jic tuku]
3dimma eme si sa2 nin nij2-gen6-e ki /aj2\-X
4/sukkal\ mah ama dba-u2 nundun? kug-babbar-ra-ke4
5X si sa2 jectug me-ze2 UD.UD-e SI-a
6munus zid dlama-ju10 ulutim2 lu2 nu-sig10-ge5-zu
7igi X X ti-ju10 mi2-bi su3-ud-ce3 ga-mu-u8-en-de3-en

8kuc X me a dadag-ga sag9-ga gal-bi dirig-ga-am3
9ad za X X DAG? X HU NE zi-pa-aj2 X [X] X X
10X sal-sal siki sur-sur GAR3 mun-na sa? X ra? [X X (X)]
11/unu2\ cuba su3-su3 za3-ce siki [...]
12X zi-gin7 il2-il2-i a2-ur2 ud-gin7 zalag-/zalag!\-[ga-am3]
13X X CE3-/la?\-gin7 la-la jal2 a2-1-kuc3 /sal\-[la-am3]
14X-ge KA tum2-ma cu-si kug-babbar [...]
15[na4]nir7 CUM2 [...]
16[X] e2?-gal X UN [...]
17[munus] zid dlama-ju10 /ulutim2\ lu2 nu-sig10-/ge5\-[zu]
18[mi2]-bi su3-ud-ce3 ga-mu-u8-/en-de3\-[en]

19sukkal nij2 nu-ha-lam-e nin ki ur5 /sag9\ [...]
20cag4 sud TA lu2? GIN7 DU LI [...]
21SIG4? jicjicnimbar? cu RI-a TUM ti ta [...]
22ib2-ib2 dajal u2 X (X) ma [...] me-te-jal2
23mu-zu X X-gin7 NA MUNUS [...] X nu-NUNUZ-a
24nij2 cu DI si SAR.SAR nin X X X-gin7 la2

25ba? sal-la KA tuku4-tuku4-e
26munus zid dlama-ju10 /alan\ cu-a gi4-a-za
27[mi2]-/bi su3\-ud-ce3 ga-mu-u8-en-de3-en
28[...] ga i3-ti-ir-da-gin7 TA? lu-ug-ge
unknown no. of lines missing

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