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A balbale to Inana as Nanaya (Inana H): composite text

(Sigla follow Sjöberg's 1977 edition: version A = mss. a, b and c (using the line numbering of b, the only non-fragmentary ms.), version B = ms. d (ll. 11-13, 27-29 and 31 of version A have some similarities to the surviving lines of version B).)

Version A

1an-na tum2-ma X [...]
2X AN X X nam-nin-e /dib?\ [X X]
3jic-gu-za nitah e2-a X [...]
4jic-gu-za munus pa-pah X [...]
5jic-MUNUS.BUR2 kug-sig17 tug2-ga /DU\ [...]
6jic-dala2 HA i-zi tug2 nij2-lam2 X [...]
7X [X] X-za X ga aj2 ga-[...]
8dna-[na-a] [...] X-bi dug3-ga-/am3\
9gaba-za X X X X X X X
10[d]na-na-a ZID2.IC-bi ku7-ku7-da
11li-dur-za HA NE ga-ba-ni-ib-sig10
12dna-na-a a a ga GUL?-am3
13jen-ma-da nin-ju10 jen-ma-da
14ka pa-pah-a-ta jen-ma-da
15[X (X) X] X du3 ha-ba-ra-ab-TU?-X X (ms. a omits l. 15)
(ms. c adds 1 line:
15Ajen nin9 ki aj2-ju10 cag4-ju10 he2-em-hul2-le)
16cu-zu munus-am3 jiri3-zu munus-am3 (ms. a omits l. 16)
17inim lu2-da bal-e-zu munus-am3
18igi lu2-ra bar-re-zu munus-am3
(ms. c adds 4 lines:
18Acu lu2-ra [X] X-zu munus-am3
18Bjiri3 X [...] munus-am3
18Ca2-1-/kuc3\ [X]-zu cag4 im-hul2-le
18Djiri3 GAG X [X]-zu ur5 im-mi-in-sag9)
19zag e2-gar8-da gub-bu cag4 sud-zu i3-sag9
20gam-e-de3 ib2-ib2 i3-sag9-sag9 (ms. c transposes ll. 19 and 20)
(mss. a and c add 2 lines:
20Ae2-gar8-da gub-bu-ju10 dic sila4-am3
20Bgam-e-ju10 1(tm) gij4-am3)
21id2 na-an-ba-al-le id2-zu he2-me-en
22a-cag4 na-an-ur11-ru a-cag4-zu he2-me-en
23mu-un-gar3 ki-duru5 na-an-kij2-kij2-e
24[ze2]-/ba\ kal-la-ju10 ki-duru5-zu he2-am3
25[X (X)]-e ab-sin2-zu he2-am3
26X tur-tur-me ac2-zu he2-am3
27a-na UN X zur-zur-re
28a-na KA ki-gub ba-du-un
29a-na UN ninda jectin-da ba-da-du-du-un
30ninda jectin-da ma-da-du-du-nam
31jen nin9 ki aj2-ju10 cag4-bi ga-am3-mi-ib-X
32dna-na-a ne ge4-su-ub
33bal-bal-e dna-na-a-kam (ms. a has instead: dinana-[(X)-X])

Version B


unknown no. of lines missing
1[li]-/dur\-za HA [...]
2/nin9\-e ze2-ba-ju10 [...]
3murgu-za X mu [...]
4nin9-e-ju10 cu [...]
5gal4-la-za sar-ra [...]
6dna-na-a /li?\ [...]
7gu-du-za a-cag4 [...]
8nin9-e-ju10 buru3 /gana2\ [...]
9/jen-ma\-da nin9-ju10 [...]
unknown no. of lines missing


1X X [...]
2jen nin9 ki /aj2\-[ju10 ...]
3a-na KA nam [...]
4a-na KA /nam\ [...]
5a-na KA /nam\ [...]
6a-na KA /nam\ [...]
7nin9 X X [...]
unknown no. of lines missing

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