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The song of the lettuce: a balbale to Inana and Dumuzid (Dumuzid-Inana E): composite text

1ba-lam ba-lam-lam hi-izsar-am3 a ba-an-dug4
2jickiri6 MI edin-na gu2 jar-jar-ra-na sag9-ga ama-na-ju10 (1 ms. has instead: ) hi-izsar a ba-an-de2
3ce ab-sin2-ba hi-li-a sag9-ju10 hi-izsar-am3 a ba-an-dug4
4jichachur aj2-saj-ja2 gurun il2-la-ju10 hi-izsar-am3 a ba-an-dug4
5lu2 lal3-e lu2 lal3-e me-e mu-ku7-ku7-de3-en
6en-ju10 lu2 lal3-e dim3-me-er-ra sag9-ga ama-na-ju10
7cu-ni lal3-e /me\-ri-ni lal3-e je26-e mu-un-ku7-ku7-de3-[en]
8a2 cu jiri3-ni lal3 ku7-ku7-dam je26-e mu-un-ku7-ku7-[de3-en]
9li-dur cu nijin2 tukum ku7-ku7-ju10 /sag9\-[ga ama-na-ju10]
10 /hac4\ sag9-sag9 a2 buluj5 e-ru-ju10 hi-izsar-am3 [a ba-an-dug4]
11 bal-bal-e dinana-[kam]

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