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A song of Inana and Dumuzi (Dumuzi-Inana W): composite text

4 lines missing
5[...] im X [...]
6[X X] X-ga im X [. . .]
7[X X] /ha\-za buru3 a-cag4-<ga> jal2-/la\-[ju10]
8[u2-ju10 ]/jic\dih3-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-/ma\-[gu7-e]
9[X X] X e2-a sig9-ga-[ju10]
10/u2\-[ju10] /ce\ la2-a-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-ma-[gu7-e]
11/zi kalam\-ma a-cag4-ga jal2-la-ju10
12u2-ju10 isin-na-<ju10> udu-ju10 ha-ma-gu7-e
13/nu\-siki il2-il2-ju10 nu-mu-un-kuc da-ri-ju10
14u2-ju10 u2cakir3-ra-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-ma-gu7-e
15dub KEC2-da a-cag4-ga jal2-la-ju10
16u2-ju10 ukuc2 ti-ki-il-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-ma-gu7-e
17sumun2 kac-a lal3 dab5-ba-ju10
18u2-ju10 gien3-bar-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-ma-gu7-e
19amar gud-da-bi-da di-a-ju10
20u2-ju10 gi ub-zal-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-ma-gu7-e
21jickiri6 jichachur-a ul gur3-ru-ju10
22u2-ju10 gi zig3-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-ma-gu7-e
23cim a-cag4-ga /lal3\ ta hab2-ba-ju10
24u2-ju10 u2/munzer\-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-ma-gu7-e
25kucummud dag-si la2 X X-ju10
26u2-ju10 u2harub-ba-ju10 udu-/ju10\ ha-ma-gu7-e
27u2 tug2bar-/dul5\-gin7 barag2-barag2-ga-ju10
28u2-ju10 u2-/sas\(/KI\.KAL)-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-ma-/gu7\-[e]
29ud tud-/da\-ta ki-en-gi he2-jal2-<la-ju10>
30u2-/ju10\ temesar-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-ma-gu7-e
31/siki gid2\-da jicga-rig2 nu-zu-ju10
32/u2\-ju10 u2numun2-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-ma-gu7-e
33/en\-te-en nu-zu e2-me-ec nu-zu-ju10
34[u2]-ju10 u2JICNIMBAR.TUR-ju10 udu-ju10 ha-/ma\-gu7-e
35[X] /SAR?\ sag9-ga dilib3-e sal-sal-/ju10\
36[u2-ju10] u2li-la-an-gi4-<ju10> udu-ju10 /ha\-ma-gu7-e
37[X] X UD edin-na mu2-a-/ju10\
38[u2-ju10 u2]-/jic\hachur-<ju10> udu-ju10 ha-ma-gu7-e
39[...] /bi2\-in-gi4 ga lal3 cu bi2-in-gur
40cul /nitalam\-[a]-ni-ra mu-na-an-hum-hum-e
41am-e cud3 im-ma-da-an-gub
42/kug\ /dinana\-ra mu-na-an-hum-hum-e
43[...] /gu2\ la2 mi2 na-bi2-in-dug4
44[ddumu-zid cud3 im-ma]-/da-an\-gub
approx. 5 lines missing

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