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A hymn to Martu (Martu B): composite text


1[X (X)] X zu igi kar2 me da X X X ur4-ur4
2[X] X X ucum zag-dib an ki-a mu mah-a sa4-a
3[X] X saj an gal ri-a dug3 kug-ga pec-e
4[X] X sig10-ga SIG7.ALAN X X SI.A-ni X u3-tud-da durac-a
5X sag9 muc3 X ul-la u6 di-de3 ba-ab-du7
6mi2 dug4-ga kur gal den-lil2-le nam dug3-ge-ec tar-ra
7KA? /TAR?\ sag9 gurun cu? tag? X la-la-bi X-ge nu-gid2?-da?
8[saj]-/kug\-jal2 dijir gal-gal-e-ne cag4 dab5-dab5-bi X [...]
9[X X] X-bi sikil cu-luh dadag a-ra2-ni [...]
10[X X] dug4-ga-ni u3-en3 nu-ca4 umuc jalga [...]
11[X] /su3\-ra2 mas-su X HI.HI [...]
at least 26 lines missing


1[...] X X [...]
2[...] X U2 jal2-/la\ [...]
3[...] JAR NE TUG2? jal2-/la\ [...]
4[X X] X [...] X za X X mi2! zid mu-/na\-[... -dug4]
5[X] /ce\-er-kan /dug4\-[ga] /cim\ jicerin-na KA X X [...]
6[X X] cag4?-ke4 im-du8-gin7 su-za cej6-cej6 a [...]
7KA? IM? inim sag9-sag9-ge-zu-a di-de3 /mu\-[...]
8X X zid-da? X IM X inim sag9-sag9-ge-zu-a /di\-[de3 ...]
9cud3! a-ra-zu-bi mu-X-DU nam X X X X [X X]
10nij2-cu-dug4-ga-ni cim jicerin-na-gin7? bar zu NE a ha-ba-dug3
11X X X iri? he2-sud? dam dumu-bi he2-sag9
12[X X] X nam-til3 ud su3?-/ud\-da? saj-e-ec he2-en-na-rig7
13[...] nam-dijir-zu saj-ta dug3-ga-am3
14[...] X ud ul-li2-a X X X he2-ni-in-X X

15[...] a DI? dmar-[tu]-/ka\-kam

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