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A balbale to Nanna (Nanna C): composite text


1e2 dutu (dutu is a supralinear correction by the scribe from an original UD-/ta\) /ed2-a\ ki-en-gi-/ra\
2e2-/kic\-[nu]-jal2 cu-luh dadag-ga-am3
3e2 /dnanna\ nam-mah-za ga-/ri\-dug4
4/ec3\ma? urim2ki mu-zu pa ga-an-ed2
5/hur\-saj sikil cag4 kug-ta ed2-a
6urim2ki igi-jal2 ta-ci-im-tum an urac-a
7e2-temen-ni2-gur3-a tum2-ma
8an-da nam-lugalcar!-[X (X)] mu-un-da-e-ba
9nam-mah-zu kur-kur-re ba-X [X (X)]
10su3-ra2-ce3 mu-zu pa ga-an-[ed2]
11cu-luh nam-en-na-ke4 si /bi2-sa2\-/a\
12urim2ki-ma dur2 ki ba-ni-[... -jar]
13mu-zu dug3-ga-am3 nun-e mu-/un\-[(X) X]
14inim kug-zu an-ra ca-mu-/sag9\ [(X)]
15en-he2-du7-an-na-ju10 an-na he2-/dirig\
16cu-luh ji6-par4-ra si [...]
17me nam-en-na ba-ab-[...]
18ji6-par4-ra dib-dib-be2 [X X]
19/d\[ac]-/im2-babbar-re\ [...]
probably 1 line missing
21/zi?\ [...]
22cir3 DI [...]
23cir3 /kug\ [...]
24nun-e X [...]
25jectug2 [...]
26me gal-gal-la [...]
27an den-lil2 /gi?\ [...]
28dnin-gal-la [...]
29he2-dirig u3-tud [...]
30dac-im2-babbar-re X X X [...]
31iti6 nij2-dug3-gin7 X iri? [...]
32ji6-par4 cag4 hul2-la-/ju10\ [...]
33an den-lil2-bi [...]
34ama dnin-gal hi-/li\ [...]
35EN.NU.NUNUZ./ZI\ /dNANNA\ [...]
36en-he2-du7-/an\-[na] [...]
37lugal-ju10 [...]
38me gal-gal-la-ni [...]
39cir3 kug su3-ra2-aj2 /GA\ [...]
40mu-zu A /JAR?\ X /KI\ [...]
41en-he2-du7-an-na an-/na\ [...]
42la-la [X] lu2-e [...]
probably 1 line missing


1[...] /lu2\ cu-luh-zu mu-un-zu-a
2[...]-/e\ hu-mu-un-ak-e
3[...]-/zu\ UNU! sikil-la ca-ra-an-du3
4[X X] /nu2\-acu-un-nu-um nu-un-ci-ku4-ku4
5/ce\-zu JA2xGI? sikil-la ma-ra-ar3-ar3-eið-ðe-e-en-kum
6ar3-ar3-ra-zuE2? ðe6-X-nu UNU-na la-ba-e-nu2 u2-ul uc-ta-a-an
7nij2-ar3-ra-zu mu-un-da-ka a nu-tag-ge
8munu4-zu nij2 cu bal nu-ak-dam
9e2-gal dsuen-na lu2 a-na-zu mu-un-zu
10al-la2-e i-na e-ri-ic-tim gudu4-e-ne-ka
11gima-sa2-ab ku4-ku4-dam asil3-la2 di-dam
12e2 dug3-ge-da e2 ja2-ja2-dam cu-X-(X)-a-am
13ki cu-luh kug-ga si sa2-e-dam
14/d\nin-gal en-he2-du7-an-na-ju10
15[X]-zu ki-bi hu-mu-na-gi4-gi4
16[X] dnanna mi2 ga-e-dug4
17[X] dsuen mu-zu pa ga!-an-ed2

18 [jic]-/gi4\-jal2-bi-im

19[bal]-/bal\-e dnanna-kam

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