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An excerpt from a hymn to Nanna: composite text

1dijir dijir-re-e-ne DI bi2-in-X
2un3-na ed2 me an-na cu du7
3men ri-ba ce-er-zi X nun X an-na
4mi2 zid dug4-ga an durac-a u3-tud-da dur-an-ki
5ud ce-er-zi men urim2ki-ma
6nij2-dug3-ge nij2-dug3-ge al na-an-ga-am3-mi-in-dug4
7en-e nam uru2-na tar-re-de3 den-lil2 mu-un-kuc2-u3
8a-a-ju10 uru2-ju10 ki-bi ha-ma-gi4-gi4
9dug4-ga zid-zid-da a-a dnanna cu-ni na-ed2
10nam2 nun-e nam2 nun-e nam-nun gal dijir-re-e-ne-ke4
11e2 an-gin7 ni2 su-zi ri-a me-lem4-ma gur3-ru-me-en

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