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A shir-namshub to Nininsina (Nininsina B): composite text

1i3-li duru5 i3-li duru5 i3-li he2-en-na-tum2 na-aj2 i3-li duru5
2i3 hum-ma he2-en-na-tum2
3TUM.DIB2 sag9-ga-ju10 ul-la
4ga-ca-an-ju10 ga-ca-an-sir2-sir2-e ama-ugu-ku-ku
5ga-ca-an-ju10 kurun-a tuc-a-ra
6ga-ca-an-i3-si-inki-na kurun-a tuc-a-ra
7izi an-na mu2-mu2-de3
8ga-ca-an-ju10 simmucen-gin7 a tu5-tu5-a
9i3 jicerin-na i3 ha-cu-ur2-ra-ka
10i3 jicerin-na cim dim3-me-er ki aj2-ja2
11i3 cim-gig i3 cim GA
12i3 ab2 kug-ge ga ab2-cilam-ma
13i3-nun tur3 kug ga-ga amac-gin7 ga-ga
14i3 cim-gin7 an cag4-ge ed3
15i3 ligidba(CIM.dNIN.URTA) i3 jicerin babbar-ra mul-ma-al he2-em-mi-ib2-za
16zi-pa-aj2-ja2-na i3 cim erin-na-ka
17gaba-ni i3 jicerin babbar-ra-ka
18igi-ba i3-a he2-ni-ib2-hum-hum-e i3-li he2-en-na-sud
19gu2-sa-ni i3 cim jicerin-na-ka hu-mu-ni-ib2-hum-hum-e
20siki ur2 siki pa dub-dub-ba-ni i3-li he2-en-na-an-sud
21gu2-bar za-gin3 gur?-gur-ra-ni i3-li he2-em-sud-sud
22cu jiri3 aj2-lum-ma-lam-ma-ni i3-li he2-em-luh-e
23jic-ge-en-gen6-na alan cu du7-a-ni i3-a he2-en-nu2
24munus-e ab2 a-e jar-ra-gin7 i3-li he2-la2-e

26cir3-nam-cub dnin-in-si-na-kam
(ll. 25 and 26 are written as one line in source)

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