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A shir-gida (?) of Ninshubur (Ninshubur A): composite text


1/nin numun zid\ kalam-ma sukkal an-na
2sukkal an-na ama dnin-cubur jidru za-gin3 cu u3-me-tij4
3igi an-na ci-im-me-dib-dib-be2
4an-ne2 an-cag4-ta saj-e-ec mu-ni-in-rig7
5den-lil2-le nam-e-ec mu-ni-in-tar
6u8 zid sila4 sag9-sag9 ud5 zid mac2 sag9-sag9-ga
7ama gan zid-gin7 dumu sag9-sag9-ga
8tur3 hu-mu-u8-da-du3 amac hu-mu-u8-da-nijin2
9tur3 du3-a-za amac nijin2-na-za
10 [...] X X [...]
unknown no. of lines missing


1 [cag4] /de3-em-huj\-[e] [bar de3-em-huj-e]
2/dim3\-me8-/er\ /da-nun-na\ [JAR-ja2-e de3-en-huj-e]
3me-e da-gub-be2-jen an-gub da-gub-X [...]
4ki-sikil ga-ca-an-an-na <kur> cubax(MUC3) tud!-da /de3-em-hul2-e\
5ga-ca-an-jen /AJ2?-BA?\-MU-jen de3-em-hul2-e
6cag4 de3-em-huj-e bar de3-em-huj-e
7dim3-me8-er da-nun-na JAR-ja2-e de3-en-huj-e
8nin-e a-akkilx(GADA.KID2.SI.A)ki asilal(EZENxLAL2?) ba-ni-in-jar
9/cir-gid2?-da?\ /dnin?\-[cubur]-/ra?-kam?\

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