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A balbale to Ninurta (Ninurta F): composite text

1a zid-da numun zid-da
2lugal den-lil2-le mu pad3-da
3a zid-zid-da numun zid-zid-da
4dnin-urta den-lil2-le mu pad3-da
5lugal-ju10 mu-zu ga-am3-pad3-da-de3
6dnin- urta je26-e lu2-zu lu2-zu
7je26-e mu-zu ga-am3-pad3-da-de3
8lugal-ju10 u8 sila4 na-an-tu-ud
9u8 sila4 na-an-tu-ud u8 udu ua4 na-an-tu-ud
10je26-e mu-zu ga-am3-pad3-da-de3
11lugal-ju10 ud5-e mac2 na-an-tu-ud
12ud5-e mac2 na-an-tu-ud mac2 ud5-da na-an-tu-ud
13je26-e mu-zu ga-am3-pad3-da-de3
14lugal-ju10 ab2-e amar na-an-tu-ud
15ab2-e amar na-an-tu-ud ab2 gud ab2-ba na-an-tu-ud
16je26-e mu-zu ga-am3-pad3-da-de3
17lugal-ju10 eme3 amar na-an-tu-ud
18eme3 amar na-an-tu-ud [(x)] ance x[... -an]-tu-/ud\
19je26-e mu-zu ga-am3-pad3-da-de3
20lugal-ju10 lu2-ulu3 dumu na-an-tu-ud
21lu2-ulu2 dumu na-an-tu-ud dnin-urta lugal-/e\ [...]

22lugal-da gu na-an-tu-ud
23lugal-da ce na-an-tu-ud
24id2-da a ectub mu-da-ab-si
25a-cag4-ga ce gu-nu mu-da-ab-mu2
26ambar-ra HI+SUHURku6 suhurku6 mu-da-ab-si
27jic-gi gi uc2 gi henbur mu-da-ab-mu2
28tir-tir ceg9 ceg9-bar mu-da-ab-si
29an-edin-na jicmac-gurum mu-da-ab-mu2
30pu2 jickiri6 lal3 jectin mu-da-ab-si
31e2-gal-la zi su3-ud jal2 mu-da-ab-mu2

32bal-bal-e dnin-urta-kam

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