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Hymn to the E-kur: composite text

1e2 gal kur-ra-am3 gal
2e2 den-lil2-la2 kur-ra-am3 gal
3e2 dnin-lil2-la2 kur-ra-am3 gal
4e2 itimama kur-ra-am3 gal
5e2 ud nu-zu kur-ra-am3 gal
6e2 ka2 mah kur-ra-am3 gal
7e2 ka2 silim-ma kur-ra-am3 gal
8kisal den-lil2-la2 kur-ra-am3 gal
9hur-saj-galam-ma kur-ra-am3 gal
10ka2 gal-di kug kur-ra-am3 gal
11ka2 ce nu-kud kur-ra-am3 gal
12ub-cu-unken-na kur-ra-am3 gal
13ja2-jic-cu2-a kur-ra-am3 gal

14e2 dnin-lil2-la2 kur-ra-am3 gal
15ka2 in-nam-ra kur-ra-am3 gal
16e2-iti-da-buru14 kur-ra-am3 gal
17kisal e2-gal-mah kur-ra-am3 gal
18e2-iti-da-buru14 «kur-ra-am3 gal» mah kur-ra-am3 gal
19en-tum2-gal-zu kur-ra-am3 gal
20in-nam-gid2-da-zu kur-ra-am3 gal
21ka2 dsuen kur-ra-am3 gal
22dul (ms: ITI) -kug ki kug kur-ra-am3 gal
23a-cag4 e2-dim3-ma kur-ra-am3 gal
24an-ne2-jar-ra kur-ra-am3 gal
25ac-te ki sikil kur-ra-am3 gal
26e2-tilla2-mah kur-ra-am3 gal
27ja2-jicapin-na kur-ra-am3 gal


29bi2-in-dug4 an-ce3


31bi2-in-dug4-ga-ra bi2-in-dug4-ga-ra
32e2 ud-dam ca-mu-na-ed2
33lu2 kur-ra bi2-in-dug4-ga-ra
34e2 ud-dam ca-mu-na-ed2
35e2 den-lil2-ka bi2-in-dug4-ga-ra
36e2 ud-dam ca-mu-na-ed2
37e2 dnin-lil2-ka bi2-in-dug4-ga-ra
38e2 ud-dam ca-mu-na-ed2
39<e2> dnin-urta-ka bi2-in-dug4-ga-ra
40e2 ud-dam ca-mu-na-ed2
41<e2> dumu nun-na-ka bi2-in-dug4-ga-ra


43e2-e me gal-la saj mi-ni-ib2-il2
44cag4-bi-ta kur cim jicerin-na-kam
45e2 den-lil2-la2-ke4 me gal-la saj mi-ni-ib-il2
46cag4-bi-ta kur cim jicerin-na-kam
47e2 dnin-lil2-la2-ke4 me gal-la saj mi-ni-ib-il2
48cag4-bi-ta kur cim jicerin-na-kam
49kisal den-lil2-la2-ke4 me gal-la saj mi-ni-ib-il2
50cag4-bi-ta kur cim jicerin-na-kam
51kisal dnin (ms: EN) -lil2-la2-ke4 me gal-la saj mi-ni-ib-il2
52/cag4\-[bi-ta kur cim] /jic\erin-na-kam


54[...] am3-da-hul2-la


56lugal-bi e2 nam-dumu zid-da lugal den-lil2-ra tum2-ma-am3
57ur-saj dnin-urta e2 nam-dumu zid-da
58lugal den-lil2-ra tum2-ma-am3
59dumu-KA dnin-lil2-la2 e2 nam-dumu zid-da
60lugal den-lil2-ra tum2-ma-am3
61en ur-<saj> e2-kur-ra e2 nam-dumu [zid-da]
62lugal den-lil2-/ra\ /tum2\-ma-am3
63dumu-KA den-lil2-la2 e2 nam-dumu zid-da
64lugal den-lil2-ra tum2-ma-am3
65en dac-im2-babbar e2 nam-[dumu] zid-da
66lugal den-lil2-ra tum2-ma-am3
67dumu nun e2-kur-ra e2 nam-dumu zid-da
68lugal den-lil2-ra tum2-ma-am3


70den-lil2-la2 lu2 cag4-ga-na


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