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A hymn to Inana: translation

1-9Lady ......! Returning heroic youth, Inana ....... At the shrine, in Nibru, in the E-dul-kug ...... by An, with the holy crown of An placed on her head, the most holy ba garment of An draped around her torso, and the holy sceptre of An placed in her hand -- seated on a seat in the assembly, rendering great judgments in the mountains, and reaching majestic decisions in all the lands!

10-16Holy Inana gazes as she shines (?) down from heaven like a light. Together with her father Suen, the mistress issues commands to the E-kic-nu-jal of Urim. In her hands she holds prosperity for all the lands. The lady ....... Holy Inana .......

17-22......, you are endowed with beauty,
5 lines fragmentary

23-29You are she who raises ...... in their prayers. You are she who displays shining cornelian from the mountains to be admired. Bringing shining lapis lazuli from the bright mountain in special baskets (?), you are she who, like fire, melts (?) gold from Harali. You are she who creates apples in their clusters (?). You are she who demands ....... You are she who creates the date spadices in their beauty.

30-44 (Inana speaks:) "When I was living in my dwelling place, when I was living in An's dwelling, my lover Ucumgal-ana called upon me to be his wife. In Bad-tibira, from the E-muc-kalama, ...... for his crown."
6 lines fragmentary or unclear
...... his assembly, and brought ...... into her holy shrine for her brother Ucumgal-ana.

45-54 (Inana speaks:) "...... stands ....... Dumuzid stands in beauty like an ildag tree. I will fill my heart with joy. The one who makes food plentiful ...... on the bright mound (?). My heart is filled with joy, ...... in heaven and earth. The house of Arali ......."
3 lines fragmentary or unclear
the houses in the broad streets.
One blank line on the tablet

55-121approx. 67 lines missing, fragmentary or unclear

122-123Holy Inana, your august ......! ...... Inana be praised!

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