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An adab to Ninlil (Ninlil A): translation

1-10Ninlil, comprehensively replete with numerous divine powers! Equal to the Great Mountain; deciding destinies with lord Nunamnir; suited to the Great Lion; pre-eminent over heaven and earth! Joyous princess (?), lady with the princely divine powers; conveying terror; wise with advice! Mother Ninlil, whose speech is a storm (?), you are a pleasure to Enlil's heart -- he has embraced you! Overseeing everything, lord Nunamnir loves (?) you. You occupy a holy dais, mother Ninlil; you provide the ...... of prosperity. All the great lords and sovereigns have paid homage to you. Riding in princely style under a broad shelter in coolness, mother Ninlil, you are the goddess who provides the divine powers of joy and prosperity.

11 Sa-gida.

12Ninlil, you are more majestic than the other great gods, you are elevated with great and terrifying divine powers.

13Its jicgijal.

14-26...... equal to the great gods,
1 line fragmentary
approx. 6 lines missing
1 line fragmentary
Mother Ninlil, righteous woman of Enlil, you dwell in the Ki-ur. In his heart filled with pleasure at your joyous divine powers, he has embraced you. The Enki and Ninki deities have perfected their divine powers throughout all countries for you. My lady, your speech is majestic -- take pleasure in your E-kur!

27 Sa-jara.

28Good woman, mother Ninlil, you ride across heaven and earth.

29Its jicgijal.

30-32My lady, unique and outstanding goddess throughout heaven and earth! Mother Ninlil, majestic lady, unique and outstanding goddess throughout heaven and earth! In his heart filled with pleasure at your joyous divine powers you are his beloved, ...... into the future.

33Its uru.

34An adab of Ninlil.

ll. 33 and 34 are written as one line in source

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