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The poem of early rulers: composite text

(This composition also exists in various later, slightly adapted, versions, including mss. from Emar and Ugarit from the 13th century B.C.)

up to 5 lines missing
6[...] X li-bi-in-du3-a
7[...] X-am3 lu2-be2-ne cu bal ak-a
8[...] /lugal\-e mu 3600x10-am3 in-ak
9[...] /lugal\-e lu2 an-ce3 bi2-in-ed2-de3
10[...] /zi\-ud-su3-ra2-gin7 nam-til3 i3-kij2-kij2
11[...] ba-an-za-za dab5?-ba?-ta
12[...] /kalam?\-ma? nu?-dar-ra-ke4
13[...] /lugal\-e-ne dub-saj ud ul-li2-a-ke4-ne
14[...]-un-pec4-pec4-/a\ nu-un-tu-ud-da
15[...]-/gin7\ cu-ju10 sa2 bi2-in-dug4-ga
16[...] na-me nu-mu-un-zu-a
17[...]-a-bi [...] X igi nijin2-na-kam
18[...] /nu\-zalag-ga [...] ugu nam-uc2-a-kam [a]-ba-am3 bi2-in-dirig-ga (1 ms. has instead:) [...] X JIC KA-am3
19[...]-/il2\-la ud cag4-hul2-la X nij2-me-jar mu 3600x10-am3 in-ak
20[...] dijir-re-e-ne bi2-in-cum2-ma-am3 [...]-ra?-ra nam-til3 i3-kij2-kij2
21[...] ha-la lu2-u18-lu-kam [...] til3-a e2 juruc-ke4

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