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A diatribe against Engar-dug (Diatribe B): composite text


1mengar-dug3 X lu2-lil2-la2 zag [...] dumu KA-a buluj3-/ja2\
2lu2 pe-el-la2 ni2-su-ub kuc sig10-ga X e2-jar8-da cub-a
3mengar-dug3 ze2-za nar-e-ne lu2 dim2?-ma nu-sag9
4silim dug4-dug4 ur CID.CID-na lu2-u3 cu?-a /ed2?\
5/e2\ X /jal2\-u3 du14 ga-e-da-ak ulutim2 uguugu4-bi
6is-hab2 lu2-inim-ma tec2 nu-tuku di-ce3 gu2 nu-cum2-mu
7ki-ma-an-ze2-er lu2 kal-e nu-zu saj erin2-na sal-sal
8lu2 ezen nu-KU cah2 lu-hu-um-ta su3-a gu2 mu-un-da-an-kud
9eme ti-bal nij2-erim2-e ki aj2 uh-da X [...]
10du14-mu2-mu2 KEC2-da-ta ed2-a in dub2-/dub2\ [...]
11ur-saj gub-be2 cu-bi-ce3 la2-a tug2-da [...]
12mengar-dug3 gu-du KEC2 eme HAR dim2-ma a-ha-X [...]
13lu2 X nu-tuku kun ka-bi-ce3 cub-ba nij2 ni2-bi nu-X
14eh3 ehehhe e-sir2 dajal-la lu2 /nam\-ta-ed2-a
15inim sig10-sig10 umuc dim2-ma-na sig ka tar-re-a bal-bal
16lu2-ra gala muc-lah4-e dub2-dub2 mu pi-il nar-e-ne
17ur gu3-de2 jicza3-mi2-a nu-jal2 gu3jic»kiri6 de2-de2
18KU.KU-uc ka-ka gu2-ni saj ZI e2 sa ab-la2-e
19a2 al-aj2-e X [X] jal2 erin2 ab [...]-dar
20X-bi ka lu2 /di\ IG X nu-un-na-dug3
21[X] KA AN hul-ce3 X bal-bal X
unknown no. of lines missing


1[...] jicjiri3-na [...]
2na-an-ga-ma nu-zuh cec-a-na a la-ba-ci-ak
3kar he2-en-du3 tilla2 iri X hu-mu-ni-in-TUG2.TUG2
4pa-aj2 he2-en-ze2 lu2 abul [...] jickim-bi hu-mu-un-X
5ur5-ta ki na-me-ce3 nam-ba-DU en-nu-uj3 [...]
6mengar-dug3 cir3 kug-zu mu-til nam-mah-[zu ...]
7in-zu sila dajal ba-ni-in-[...] lul-zu pa bi2-i-[ed2]
8X /lu2\ igi-zaj3 mengar-dug3 KA gud? [...]
9[...] darmucen-gin7 X [...]
10[...]-/da\ muc-lah4 [...]
11[...] KA [...]
12[...] X na X [...]
unknown no. of lines missing

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