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Proverbs: collection 23: composite text


unknown no. of lines missing

Proverb no. 23.1

1[X] mu id2?-da X [...]
2[X] DIM2?-bi? si?
3[X] DUG3 a-pa4 lu2 su ba?-a
4[X] sikil-ra a-pa4 an-dul3 nu-lu-a

Proverb no. 23.2

5[X]-ju10 dijir-ju10 dumu gir15-ju10 me-ju10
6[X]-ju10 e2 um-ma ed2?-a?
7[X]-ce3 e2? DU?-de3
8[mu-ud-na]-ju10 ku6-a jiri3-pad ma-ri-ri
9[X] X gi ga edin-na nu-me-am3

Proverb no. 23.3

10[X] X hi-li-na
11[X] X-bi dug3-ga-X
12[X] X ga in-nu-uc X
13[X] X dug3-ga

Proverb no. 23.4

14[X] ki?-gub ga-mu-da-[X]
15[...] DAR? [X]
unknown. no. of lines missing


Proverb no. 23.6

1[X] gi? X dam? [...]
2u3 nu-mu-da?-be2 X [...]

Proverb no. 23.7

3hi-li sipad KU cir-[a-ni]
4nu-jickiri6 suhur-[a-ni]
5kuca2-ja2-la2-ce3 cu! il2 [X]
6dam nu-il2 dumu nu-[il2]
7lu2 lul-la e2-[a-ni nu-mu-un-da-du3]
8e2 ku-li-ju10 jical-tar-re [ba-gub]
9lu2 lul-la gal5-la! [ba-an-us2]
10lu2 nu-jar-ra jiccu-kij2 2-[am3]
11e2 lu2 zid-da du3-a
12lu2 lul-la ba-gul

Proverb no. 23.8

13nu-mu-un-na-du-du jiri3 <nu>-mu-na-ja2-ja2
14nam-til3-la a-gin7 i3-dib2-be2 (1 ms. has instead: e-ne-gin7 mu-ni-in-dib2-be2)
15lu2 zid nu-kal!-la nam-uc2-ta dirig (1 ms. has instead: nam-til3 /li\-bi2-in-/cum2\)
16nu-kug-gin7 mu-un-TI JAR-e nu-tar!-[re] (1 ms. has instead: mu-un-ni-cub en3-na nu-/tar\-re)
17tug2-gin7 i3-mu4-mu4
18nam-tag dugud un-jar-ra
19a-ba mu-ni lu2 dam lu2-kam ba-nu2! (1 ms. has instead: a-ba-am3 e-ne lu2 dam lu2-ka in-da-nu2-a)

Proverb no. 23.9

20an u2-gamucen ki dnin-kilim
21edin-na ur-mah-e ki-dur2-a-bi X X-ju10 /me?\-am3 ga-ba-jen
unknown no. of lines missing


Proverb no. 23.14

1[...] ri
3[...] X ga na-am3
4[X] X /DI\ nu?-um nam-ma-an-/ga?\

Proverb no. 23.15

5 [X] mu nij2-ju10 ed2-a nij2 LU X-ba ed2-a
6 [X] /ku?\-nu-da

Proverb no. 23.16

7[X] nu nam-<mu>-un-da-ku4-ku4
8[(X)]-bappir?-re cu nam-kar2-kar2-de3
9[X] tum3? am3-ba nu-ub-kur9
10[X]-me cul dijir-zu he2-du8

Proverb no. 23.17

11[X] X ga ba X X
12[X] X X

Proverb no. 23.18

13[kuc]/ummud\ zi lu2-kam
14[kuc]e-sir2 igi lu2-kam
15[dam] ma!-ma lu2-kam
16[dumu]-/nitah\ jissu lu2-kam
17[dumu]-/munus?\ saj cum2-ma lu2-kam
18[e2]-/gi4\-a mu-la lu2-kam

Proverb no. 23.19

19[...] AB? DU
20[...] X NE
unknown no. lines missing

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